Base Regulations

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Speed Limits -- On-base speed limit 25 unless otherwise posted; all housing areas are a constant 15 mph, school zones are constant 15 mph. Speed is strictly enforced by radar and the penalty for a first time offense in a housing or school area is a 30-day driving suspension.

Cellphones -- The use of cell phones is prohibited while driving on base.  However, the use hands free devices are allowed. 

Vehicle Checks -- Entering the installation subjects the operator to a vehicle search upon demand by 36th Security Forces Squadron.

Accidents/Criminal Offense -- If an accident or a crime is being committed, then report it immediately to the 36th Security Forces Squadron regardless of damage or suspected crime. You may call 911 but you must identify yourself as residing on Andersen AFB. 36th Security Forces Squadron is 366-6666/2913.

Restricted Areas -- Flight Lines and Northwest Field; others as marked.

Photography -- Photographing on the flightline is not authorized unless permission is granted by 36 OSS/CC and coordinated with 36 SFS/SFOS.


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