Vehicle Registration

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Vehicles coming from foreign bases must comply with all U.S. safety and EPA exhaust emission standards, including a working catalytic converter, and must obtain Guam registration.

All vehicles arriving on Guam must pass a safety inspection once they arrive on island. State-issued safety certificates are not recognized by the Government of Guam. There is a safety inspection station on Andersen as well one at the Naval Station. Temporary transport permits are available to move vehicles from the pick-up point to a safety inspection station.

The Territory of Guam (including Andersen AFB) has a Financial Responsibility Law in the amounts of $25,000/$50,000/$20,000. Private vehicle owners must have sufficient current insurance to meet this requirement.

If your current insurer does not cover vehicles on Guam, consider obtaining a letter from them stating that you have had no claims (if appropriate), which could earn you a lower rate with local insurance companies. Because damage from typhoons is considered an "Act of God," many insurance policies consider adding a "typhoon" rider to your policy.


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