Family Child Care (FCC)

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With FCC, children receive their care in the private home of a certified provider living in government-owned or leased housing or in state-licensed homes in the community. Family child care provides accommodating child care arrangements, including night, weekend, and flexible hourly care for shift work.

In-home childcare programs offer comparable care to a CDC. Providers must be certified by the DoD, and some seek additional accreditation from the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC). Regulations limit the number of children that may be cared for at one time: no more than six children under age eight, and no more than two children under two years old.

Providers in this program are trained and licensed under the guidance of our Family Child Care Coordinator. Care is available for infants 6 weeks old to school age children. A current listing of licensed FDC homes is available at FCC homes and is always obtainable at the CDC, Youth Center (YC) and the Family Support Center.

Family Child Care Providers are available on Andersen AFB. Hours of care are dependent on who is providing the care. The Airman & Family Readiness Center has a list of Family Child Care Providers. For further assistance, please call the FCC Coordinator at 671-969-6012 or 671-797-6174.


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