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New Parent Support Program

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General Program Description

The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) offers information, support and guidance to military families who are expecting a child and/or have children ages birth to three years of age. Services are provided free of charge to eligible families. NPSP staff provides support in the areas of pregnancy, labor and delivery, newborn/infant/toddler care and safety, growth and development, parenting and family relationships through home visits, classes, educational /support groups and referrals to community services. NPSP staff understands the impact that military life can have on expectant and new families, including deployments and separation from family and friends, and assist families to cope with these special situations. NPSP services are tailored to each family's unique circumstances, and can help with adaptation to military life, preparation for parenthood, enhancing parenting skills, understanding growth and development, couple communication and stress management.

Staff Qualifications

NPSP services are provided by Registered Nurses and Licensed Medical Social Workers.

Eligibility Requirements

NPSP services are available to military families with an expectant mother and/or children ages birth to three years of age.

How to Enroll

To enroll in NPSP, contact your installation Family Advocacy Office.

Installation Specific Information

The New Parent Support Program is co-located with the Andersen Clinic under the Family Advocacy Program.  This program provides expectant mothers and parents with kids with information on developmental stages, tips and hints in parenting.


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