Temporary Lodging

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IHG Army Hotels in Hoge Barracks, 214 Grant Ave., is the center for lodging at Fort Leavenworth. For information call 684-4091 or (877) 711-TEAM (8326). Reservation requests may be made in person or electronically at

Temporary lodging during the summer months is extremely limited. PCS reservations should be made as soon as travel dates are determined. Visitor/space-available reservations may be made at any time, however, they are subject to cancellation in the event of an official traveler requirement.

Service members who have just moved here may be eligible for up to 10 days Temporary Lodging Entitlement (TLE), depending on specific circumstances. Call the Defense Military Pay Office at 684-3793 for information.

When space is not available on post, lodging will issue a Certificate of Nonavailability. A current listing of off-post hotels and motels, and maps are available at Hoge Barracks.

Distinguished guests (colonels and above) are accommodated at Otis Hall, Cooke Hall and Custer House.


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