Vehicle Registration

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Vehicle registration is required on Fort Leavenworth. Bring state registration, identification card, proof of insurance and a valid driver license to the Provost Marshal Office on McPherson Avenue. Every vehicle must have liability insurance coverage not less than the minimum prescribed by Kansas law.

Military Affidavit: If you are not a Kansas legal resident, you can avoid paying the annual Kansas personal property tax on your vehicle(s) by completing an affidavit for tax exemption. These affidavits are available at the Leavenworth County Treasurer’s Office. The County Treasurer’s Office requires the following: Leave and Earnings Statement, military identification card, permanent change of station orders to Fort Leavenworth, vehicle inspection (for vehicles with out-of-state titles), a tax affidavit and vehicle title. Call the County Treasurer’s Office at 684-0430 for more information on vehicle registration.

Driver License: Active-duty service members stationed at Fort Leavenworth and their family members who are not legal residents of Kansas are not required to get a Kansas driver license. If someone’s driver license expires while they are stationed here, Kansas requires them to renew their home state driver license or get a Kansas driver license to ensure that they maintain a current license.

Overseas Plates and Vehicle Pick up: Personnel coming from overseas may use overseas license plates for no more than 45 days from vehicle’s arrival in the United States. After that period, vehicles must be registered within the United States and display state license plates. Kansas law prohibits display of overseas plates in front with a valid state license plate in rear.

Contact the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) for overseas vehicles arriving to Fort Leavenworth at 1-800-275-3706. Personnel can file a travel voucher to claim miles driven to and from the VPC.

Recreational Vehicles: Boats, campers, trailers, motor homes and other RVs cannot be parked in housing areas or other public parking areas. Two secure on-post lots are available to secure RVs. Visit Arts, Crafts and Ticket in Truesdell Hall at Grant and Stimson avenues to reserve a space. If there are no available spaces, RVs must be parked off post.


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