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On March 1, 2006, Fort Leavenworth family housing became privatized under the Army’s Residential Communities Initiative (RCI). The program’s goal is to improve the quality of life for military families by offering safe, affordable and attractive residential communities. The intent of the program is to provide military families the same quality of life housing as the civilians they defend. The Army chose Michaels Military Housing, LLC (MMH) as the development partner to take on this mission at Fort Leavenworth. The Army and Michaels came together to form a new entity that owns the housing — Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities, LLC.

While FLFHC is the owner, MMH handles all of the day-to-day construction, and housing operations are professionally managed by Jillden Realty Management Company. MMH is solely owned, managed and operated by Michaels Development Company and its affiliate, Jillden Realty Management. MMH has been organized and resourced to be a long-term partner with the military in implementing the Military Housing Privatization Initiative. Clark Realty Builders, as the general contractor, is constructing new homes and renovating current housing to bring them up to community standards.

MMH has started its 50-year plan for the development, construction and operations of 1,578 privatized family housing units on Fort Leavenworth. A total of 703 homes will be demolished, 708 new homes will be built, and 588 homes will receive varying levels of renovation.


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