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Ft Drum Family and Morale , Welfare FMWR and More


Fort Drum has a multitude of resources available to ID card holders and their guests. There are on-post recreational activities, eating establishments, shopping and more. All active-duty military, Reservists, National Guard, retired military and their Family members, and DOD civilian employees are eligible to use the recreational facilities. Call 315-772-6071 if you have questions or if you would like more details.

Army Community Service (ACS) Programs and Services

Ft Drum Family and Morale Welfare Army Community Service (ACS)
ACS Center


Think ACS First! 315-772-ACS1 (2271)

Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Army Community Service

ACS is a one-stop information and referral agency that has a wealth of resources for Soldiers, Families, retirees, Reservists and DOD civilians. The programs offered are designed to enhance quality of life, promote resilience and self-reliance, and provide stability during war and peace. ACS offers a place to find the type of support needed for the enhancement of both individuals and Families.

Information & Referral (I&R) is your first stop for the information needed to start you on your journey of discovering what ACS and Fort Drum have to offer. Army Family Team Building educates on the Army way of life while the Volunteer Corps provides an opportunity for personal fulfillment through giving back to your community. The Family Advocacy, Employment Readiness, Financial Readiness and Army Emergency Relief Programs assist with personal life issues to include Family health and well-being, employment resources and assistance, and financial well-being. Relocation Readiness assists those transitioning in and out of Fort Drum while the Exceptional Family Member Program helps ensure those with special needs Family members know of available resources. Mobilization and Deployment educates and prepares Soldiers and Families for the rigors of the deployment cycle. In addition, the ACS kitchen offers a place for individuals and Families to prepare a meal while in transition.

We invite you to visit and utilize the many services and opportunities provided to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to face the challenges of military life. Think ACS first! 315-772-ACS1 (2271).

Army Emergency Relief (AER)


Building 435A MWR Drive

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Army Emergency Relief

Apply Online:

AER is dedicated to assisting service members, retirees, survivors and their Families with emergency financial assistance. The AER program can help with emergency travel, prevention of eviction, first month’s rent and security deposit, emergency food needs, auto repair, emergency medical and dental expenses, and dependent funeral expenses. Other emergencies are considered on a case-by-case basis. The program provides interest-free loans and grants to members of the military community with valid emergency needs. AER also has scholarship opportunities for dependents.

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue

Facebook: Search Fort Drum AFTB & AFAP

AFAP is an Army-wide program designed to give a voice to the entire military community. Targeted forums on various community topics are held throughout the year, in addition to an annual installation forum. These forums help to identify and resolve issues in the Fort Drum community. Many issues can be resolved at the local level. Issues of command or Army wide interest are sent on to higher levels. Forms may be printed from the website, and issues may be submitted throughout the year at ACS, or via email at

Army Family Team Building (AFTB)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue

Facebook: Search Fort Drum AFTB & AFAP

Online Training:

The AFTB program aims to train Army spouses and develop skills to strengthen their self-reliance, enhance their personal readiness and promote the retention of their Soldier. AFTB participation increases a spouse’s familiarity with the Army and their ability to access resources, establish a more realistic set of expectations of Army life, enhance social networks and increases self-sufficiency. AFTB offers three levels of training. The training is as follows:

  • Military Knowledge (Level K) is a basic course to help those new to the military understand and cope with the military lifestyle.
  • Personal Growth and Resilience (Level G) is for Family members who are involved in unit or community activities and want to learn more about personal growth, leadership skills and group dynamics.
  • Leadership Development (Level L) is for those wanting to develop advanced leadership skills and enhance organizational skills in the Army and in civilian life.
Army Volunteer Corps (AVC)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Army Volunteer Corps

The Fort Drum AVC office unites all volunteers and organizations using volunteers and strengthens volunteerism by enhancing the career mobility of volunteers, establishing partnerships and promoting a lifelong commitment to service. This, in turn, assists in maintaining readiness, sustaining communities and enriching lives throughout the Army. The AVC coordinator serves as the point of contact for volunteers on the installation.

Employment Readiness Program (ERP)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Employment Readiness Program

This program is designed to assist Family members, Soldiers and DOD civilians with preparing for and securing employment. Professional development classes are offered monthly in areas such as civilian and federal resume preparation, job search techniques, interviewing skills, starting your own business and networking. ERP also provides information on local businesses and contractors. Current job announcements are sent out weekly by email. A computer lab and lending resource center is also readily available. ERP has a Facebook page that is updated daily with new job openings and employment information. The Army knows employment is one of the most significant issues for military Families. Our goal is to assist Families with their job search particularly as they are impacted by such a mobile lifestyle.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue Email:
Facebook: Search Fort Drum Exceptional Family Member Program

The EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide military Family members with comprehensive and coordinated medical, educational, housing and community support and personnel services to the military Family with special needs. An exceptional Family member is a Family member (child or adult) with any physical, medical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling. Special education services are available to students in the public schools. Students can receive such services as speech, physical and occupational therapy, remedial reading and math, counseling and others services. If the service isn’t available in the child’s school district, the child is bused to the nearest district where the service is provided.

EFMP also helps Family members by developing and maintaining community support services. Respite Care may be available for short-term care that helps an EFMP Family take a break from the daily routine and stress of caring for a special needs member. Since not all Families have the same needs, Respite Care is geared toward individual Family needs by identifying eligibility and the type of Respite Care needed.

EFMP Family members can receive medical services at Guthrie Clinic. For more details on enrollment procedures, contact the EFMP staff at Fort Drum’s GAHC Clinic, 315-772-4653/4620.

Family Advocacy Program (FAP)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Family Advocacy Program

The Army FAP is a specialized program designed to strengthen military Families through education and activities that promote life skills and cultivate healthy relationships with a focus on prevention and identification of Family violence. FAP offers a variety of services and classes for such things as parenting education, relationship enrichment, stress management, anger management, conflict resolution, life skills, building Family workshops and much more. FAP also conducts mandatory command and troop education as well as facilitates training for personnel and volunteers who work with children.

Baby Bundles


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue


All Soldiers, regardless of rank, may receive a free baby bundle upon the birth of a child. ACS will deliver your baby bundle to you at the hospital or you may pick one up at ACS if you were already discharged at the time of the visit. Items that may be included in your baby bundle are baby care items, diapers, blankets, clothing, parenting information and more.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue


The New Parent Support Program is a team of caring, professional nurses and social workers who provide supportive and caring services to military Families with children from newborn to 3 years old. Through home visits and links with other resources, the NPSP helps identify milestones tailored to each Family’s specific needs.

Victim Advocates (VA)

24-hour Hotline: 315-955-4321

Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue


Victim Advocates are trained professionals who provide non-clinical advocacy services and support to victims of domestic violence. Victim Advocates provide crisis intervention, safety assessment and planning, information on the Transitional Compensation program, coordination of emergency services such as transportation, housing, food, etc., assistance in obtaining protective orders, accompaniment throughout the medical, investigative and legal process, assistance in securing medical treatment for injuries, referrals to military and civilian resources, and non-judgmental support. Victims of domestic violence are encouraged to report the incident to a Victim Advocate. Victims may file a Restricted Report or an Unrestricted Report. A Restricted Report allows a victim the option of receiving medical treatment, advocacy, and counseling without triggering an official investigation or Command involvement. An Unrestricted Report allows a victim to receive medical treatment, advocacy and counseling, and an official investigation of the allegation. If you are the victim of domestic violence, do not hesitate to seek assistance from a Victim Advocate.

Financial Readiness Program (FRP)


Building 435A MWR Drive

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Financial Readiness

Financial services are offered to help Soldiers and Families develop and maintain a realistic spending plan, reduce debts, improve credit, plan for the future, and resolve consumer complaints. Regular classes are offered in budget preparation, savings and investment, credit and debt management, student loan management and first-term Soldier Financial Training. Training is also conducted on the Thrift Savings Plan, Home Buying, Car Buying and deployment entitlements. Classes are offered for units and FRGs in all areas of financial planning. Individual counseling and coaching is also available for Families and Soldiers by request through an appointment-based system.

Information and Referral (I&R)


Building P-4330 Conway Road

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Army Community Service

Information and Referral is your source for an array of on- and off-post information designed to assist Soldiers, Families, DOD civilians, retirees and Reservists in meeting their basic needs and improving their quality of life. I&R serves as the central distribution point for ACS information, fliers, brochures, and upcoming events and activities. Individual and Family assessments are conducted to ensure appropriate assistance or referrals are provided. In addition, I&R maintains an extensive resource file of local public, private and voluntary agencies and organizations to assist individuals and Families with getting the support they need.

Military and Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Program


Funded under the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy, MFLCs offer a key, non-clinical, short-term counseling service, as well as briefings, to Soldiers and Families. They help resolve challenges associated with the military lifestyle, including deployment-related issues. MFLCs possess at least a master’s level degree in a mental health field and must be licensed clinicians. MFLC’s are available by appointment 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday or by walking into ACS 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. A MFLC is also embedded within each brigade and in the three largest school districts: Watertown, Carthage, and Indian River.

Mobilization and Deployment Program (MOB/DEP)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Mobilization & Deployment

The Army recognizes the importance of Soldier and Family readiness to both unit preparedness for the mission and Family preparedness for the military lifestyle. The Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program provides the resources for Army Families to equip themselves for Army living. This program is designed to guide and educate Soldiers and Families on how to manage the complex processes of deployment and reunion. We envision an adaptable Army community in which Soldiers and their Families understand and are ready for deployment, supported through its course, and prepared for homecoming and reunion.

Training and support opportunities include deployment and reunion briefings, FRG Leader Training, Informal Funds Training, Key Contact Training, Care Team Training and Resilience Training.

Outreach Services


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue


Outreach Services is dedicated to reaching out to Fort Drum Families on post and throughout the surrounding communities, enhancing communication between neighbors, and imparting a sense of home for Soldiers and Families in their new community. The program works to maintain a warm and receptive environment by establishing a social network, bridging the Fort Drum and local communities, and encouraging community pride.

Relocation Readiness Program (RRP)


Building P-1780 Restore Hope Avenue

Email: usarmy.drum.imcom-fmwrc.list.

ACS provides welcome packets and community information to assist in making each move as smooth as possible. RRP provides individual guidance and support to Soldiers, Families and DOD civilians arriving to or leaving Fort Drum. Obtain information about Fort Drum at

Newcomers Get Together — Learn about all that Fort Drum has to offer. Held the first Monday of each month (if the first Monday is a federal holiday, it will be held the second Monday).
Drum Welcome Tour — This tour leaves ACS at 9:30 a.m. and lasts until 2:30 p.m. on most Tuesdays. The tour covers Fort Drum and the local city of Watertown and is a great way to get to know other new people. Reservations are required; children are welcome.
Lending Closet — Borrow basic household items and child safety items for up to 30 days while your household goods are in transit.
Hearts Apart Group — Monthly support and fun-filled activity program for Families separated from their loved one due to deployment, unaccompanied tour or extended TDY.
International Spouse Group — Celebrates and supports our Drum International Families.
English for Speakers of Other Languages — Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at ACS.

Citizenship and Immigration Liaison Assistance — Liaison assistance is available for cases involving permanent residence and US Citizenship for spouses and children of active-duty service members, DOD civilians and retirees.

Total Army Sponsorship Program — It is best to request a sponsor when making a PCS move. This program provides the foundation for units to welcome and help prepare Soldiers and Family members for their new duty station in advance of their actual arrival. The sponsor is the key to helping the new Soldier and Family get settled as quickly as possible so they can concentrate on their new duties. To receive a sponsor, contact the Personnel Services Branch at 315-772-1351 or mail DA Form 5434 to: Directorate of HR, Attn: PSB, Fort Drum, NY 13602; or scan and email DA Form 5434 to


Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)


Building 11042, Mt. Belvedere Blvd.

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Soldier and Family Assistance Center

The Soldier and Family Assistance Center provides comprehensive services for Soldiers assigned or attached to the Warrior Transition Battalion and Soldiers in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) Services support a variety of needs and situations that may arise during the transition back to a unit or civilian life. The SFAC team prides itself on providing high quality support to Soldiers in transition.

Service provided by the team include:

  • Financial support and counseling.
  • DEERS and ID card assistance.
  • Social Services coordination.
  • Information and Referral services.
  • Child, Youth and School Services liaison services.
  • Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) services.
  • Education Counseling.
  • Assistance from the United States Department of Labor.
  • Assistance from the Veterans Administration.
Survivor Outreach Services (SOS)


Building 11042, Mt. Belvedere Blvd.

Facebook: Search Fort Drum Survivor Outreach Services

The Army is committed to providing sustained support to surviving Family members to ease their loss and help them through a very difficult time. Fort Drum SOS provides care for survivor Families beyond what casualty officers and Unit Care Teams can offer.

The program facilitates support groups; maintains personal contact with survivor Families; offers on-site professional financial counseling; acts as liaison between the survivor Family and their Soldier’s unit; and partners with military and other agencies and organizations to provide resources and programs such as grief camps for children, adult retreats and other special events, and bereavement materials. SOS also helps to train FRGs, Care Teams, casualty assistance officers and Army leadership about SOS and bereavement issues.

Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS)

Ft Drum Family and Morale, Welfare Child, Youth and School Services
Parent Central Services and Outreach


Building P-10720


The Parent Central Services office operates as a one-stop child/youth registration point for all delivery systems. Parent Central Services is your first stop for information, registration, enrollments and referrals. Every Family with children is encouraged to register with CYS. The registration fee is waived.

Parents can visit the CYS website to download registration forms or pick up a copy at the Parent Central Services office in Building P-10720, Clark Hall, second floor. Call 315-772-8675 for hours of operation or information about registration.

Visit online to find a more streamlined approach to finding/requesting child care and to provide reports that help programs better plan for future placement needs. offers a single online gateway for Families to access military-operated or military-subsidized child care options worldwide across all services. The site enables Families to create a household profile, conduct child care searches, submit requests for care and manage their requests at any time and from any location.

Child Development Centers (CDC)

CYS Child Development Centers offer care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old in three formats: full-day, part-day and hourly care. Our centers use Creative Curriculum or a developmental approach to the care and growth of children.

The curriculum includes a balance of indoor and outdoor experiences, small and large group activities, and both active and quiet play periods. Play experiences provide children with opportunities for learning as an interactive, hands-on process.

Activities are based on the knowledge that play is the vehicle through which children naturally learn to understand and deal with the world.

Through play, they will practice decision-making and develop language skills. We strive to provide the warmth and security necessary for all children to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Strong Beginnings is a program that has been developed to ensure military children are prepared to enter kindergarten and have the skills and abilities necessary to be successful in the public school system. Our curriculum, staff and projected values all intertwine to provide a supportive, comfortable and accepting atmosphere so each child will develop a healthy self-concept and positive outlook on life.

To support the commitment to quality programming, Chapel Drive, South Riva Ridge and Po Valley CDCs are certified annually by the DOD. All CDCs are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Chapel Drive CDC

Full and Hourly Care for children 6 weeks old to 5 years old


10785 Chapel Drive

Memorial CDC

Part Day Programs for children 2 years old to pre-K


10745 Enduring Freedom Drive

Po Valley CDC

Full Day Care for children 6 weeks old to 5 years old


Po Valley Road

South Riva Ridge CDC

Full Day Care for children 6 weeks old to 5 years old


10780 South Riva Ridge Loop

Family Child Care Homes


Administrative Offices

Family Child Care (FCC) homes are available with trained child care providers who work as independent contractors for CYS. FCC homes provide care for children ages 4 weeks to 12 years old. The FCC program includes full-day, part-day and hourly care for children in a home environment where children can develop motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills through a balance of exploration and planned curriculum. Learning activities are designed to support the natural development of children and include individual and small-group experiences.

FCC homes are DOD-certified. DOD certification, the equivalent of state licensing, is based on an Army internal evaluation process to ensure that FCC homes meet required DOD quality standards. All providers must pass stringent background checks and meet rigid training, health and safety standards and are subject to unannounced inspections.

School Age Center (SAC)


Building 10795, Chapel Drive

The SAC is for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. The SAC program includes before- and after-school programs, quarterly weekend activities during the school year, summer care and camps during school vacations.

Through partnerships with groups such as National 4-H, Character Counts and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Fort Drum helps children learn to work with their strengths, interests and each other to feel good and to grow as individuals. Fort Drum’s CYS SAC programs are both nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation and DOD-certified.

School Support Services (SSS)


Building 10720, Clark Hall, Room A2-75


CYS School Support Services (SSS) provide a variety of strategies and resources the Army has undertaken to help “level the playing field” for transitioning military students. The School Liaison Officer (SLO) prepare schools and the installation to respond confidently to the complexities of transitions and provide Families assurance that their children’s academic well-being is priority.

The SLO act as primary adviser to the garrison and school districts on all matters of concern among students, parents and local school districts.

Youth Center


Building P-10788

Email: usarmy.drum.imcom-fmwrc.list.mwr-youth

Youth entering sixth through 12th grade may participate in free daily programs in the CYS Youth Center and recreational programs in a safe and exciting environment. Boys & Girls Clubs of America and 4-H program curriculum is used to provide fun and engaging programs and activities to our members.

Our center boasts the following activities:
  • Full-sized gymnasium with indoor and outdoor basketball courts.
  • Skateboard park equipment available for outdoor and indoor events.
  • High school lounge outfitted with plush and comfortable furniture.
  • The latest video game consoles with up-to-date games.
  • Exercise and dance equipment and classes.
  • Musical instruments and recording studio room.
  • Intramural sports program.
  • Free USDA meal and snack available daily.
  • Outdoor recreation areas.
  • Homework center to assist with academic needs.
  • Fine arts programs.
  • State-of-the-art computer lab staffed with a knowledgeable instructor.
  • Special events to include dances, game nights, trips, talent shows, lock-ins and midnight sports.

Youth Services is open for middle school and high school students (grades six through 12).

Youth Sponsorship — Youth sponsorship works to link youth in grades one through 12 who are moving to the Fort Drum area with a youth sponsor. A youth sponsor can make the move easier. Sponsors can provide:

  • Correspondence by email before the move.
  • Information about what Fort Drum CYS has to offer.
  • Information about Fort Drum and the surrounding area.
  • Someone who knows what it’s like adjusting to a new place, a new school and new friends.
  • A means to make the transition and move easier.

This program is designed to ease the fears of youth in the process of transitioning to or from Fort Drum. Sponsors are matched with incoming youth based on gender, age and interests. The sponsors then serve as guides for incoming youth. They introduce the new arrival to others within their age and grade level and to various activities.

Youth in the community who wish to sponsor an incoming youth must register with the Youth Sponsorship Program coordinator, have parental permission and attend required training. Being a youth sponsor helps build life skills and develops leadership.

For more information, contact 315-772-6719.

Youth Sports and Fitness/Instructional Programs


Building P-10790


CYS Youth Sports and Fitness/Instructional Programs offers programs for youth 3-18 years old. Youth Sports and Fitness/Instructional Programs provides opportunities for youth to be engaged in fun physical activities while developing lifelong healthy habits, thus acquiring the life skills to achieve a balanced lifestyle for mind, body and spirit. A variety of traditional and non-traditional sports, games and activities teach sportsmanship, team building, goal setting and self-discipline. Youth Sports and Fitness programs utilize standardized programs and curriculum from the National Alliance for Youth Sports, Boys & Girls Clubs and Character Counts.


Ft Drum Family and Morale, Welfare MWR
Community Recreation 
Division (CRD)

10783 Chapel Drive

Adventure Training


Building P-11115


Fort Drum Adventure Training offers Soldiers and Family members exciting adventure training and recreational opportunities. Activities include paintball, guided all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile trips, sportsman shooting (archery, skeet, trap and range) and extreme sports such as mountain biking and whitewater rafting. Let us know what adventure you would like to have and we’ll do our best to make it available.

Automotive Skills Center (CRD)


Building P-11120


The Automotive Skills Center offers equipment and tools for authorized users caring for their own vehicles. Mandatory orientation and safety classes are held daily. Classes teaching fundamental repairs, welding and equipment usage are offered monthly. Basic tune-up materials are sold in the parts store, and propane tanks can also be filled at the facility. An auto jump-start and towing service is available for drivers experiencing vehicle trouble on post and in Family housingareas.

Better Opportunities for 
Single Soldiers (BOSS) (CRD)


Building P-10650, 5th Armored 
Division Drive

The Fort Drum BOSS Recreational Facility located on 5th Armored Division Drive, is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday and offers an outstanding environment where Soldiers can unwind. The building is open to active-duty and retired military personnel, Reservists and National Guard, their Family members and bona fide guests (two guests per ID card), offering a comfortable and inviting place to relax, watch movies (select from a huge movie library) and play pool, as well as a kitchen area and more.

The facility has one regulation-sized pool table, large-screen TVs, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation and PlayStation 4 systems and games, several computer workstations, wireless internet and the latest in-home theater technology.

Regular gaming tournaments, trips and special events are planned periodically.

Bowling Center, Pine Plains (CO)


Building P-4320


The Pine Plains Bowling Center is a 24-lane bowling center featuring automated, computerized scorekeeping consoles and overhead scoring monitors. Handicapped access lanes and bumper bowl lanes are available. The center contains a unique snack bar featuring an open atrium seating area, billiards tables and full-service bar. Bowling specials are offered, including dollar day, Cosmic Bowling, Family specials and birthday party packages.

Cabins & RV Recreational 
Lodging (CRD)


Building P-11115


The tranquil setting of Remington Park offers cabins that allow sleeping accommodations for six adults, a kitchenette and a comfortable seating or lounge area in a quiet wooded area. The cabins are all within walking distance of wilderness trails, playgrounds, a sandy beach, a swimming area and a laundry facility.

Handicapped-accessible cabins are available. Bring your own linens. Wi-Fi is available through a first-come, first-served basis.

Car Wash (CRD)


Building P-11115


Fort Drum Recreational Complex offers two car washes where you can attain the level of cleanliness your car or truck deserves. Each car wash offers heated bays, vacuum cleaners and cash machines for your convenience.

Enduring Freedom Drive Car Wash

Building P-10700

This car wash is located on the corner of South Riva Ridge Loop and Enduring Freedom Drive. This facility offers seven bays: one fully automated five-wand bay and one outside RV bay.

First Street Car Wash

Building P-1185

This car wash is at the intersection of East First and St. Lawrence avenues, just off Gasoline Alley.

Recreational Lodging (CRD)


Building P-4350


Cottages and Cabins — Nine cottages and nine cabins are on Pine Lane, just off Officers Loop. They are available for daily rental or for a long stay. Two of the cottages have two bedrooms, full kitchens, dishwashers, washers and dryers, living rooms, full bathrooms with tubs and showers, and gas grills. The other seven cottages are single units with a queen-size bed, a stackable washer and dryer, spacious bathrooms with showers, a living room-kitchen combination, a small refrigerator, a microwave and gas grills. All the cottages include dishes, pots and pans, silverware, bedding, towels and a screened-in porch with Adirondack-style furniture.

The cabins have a loft with three single beds and a single and double bedroom on the main floor, also fully furnished. A stove top, refrigerator, dishes, bedding and towels are included when renting these units. These units have an open porch with Adirondack-style furniture, Wi-Fi and basic cable is available in all units as well.

The LeRay Mansion — LeRay Mansion offers two cottages and four rooms inside the historical mansion. This property is designated as Distinguished Visitors Quarters.

Photos of these properties can be found at For information on availability and building rates, call Commons Lodging at 315-772-3128/6222.

Community Operations (CO)
The Commons at Dillenbeck’s Corners


Building P-4350


The Commons is Fort Drum’s multipurpose, on-post club facility and offers a variety of spaces to meet unit and special event needs. Facilities include small and large ballroom spaces, conference rooms and two lakeside lodges at Remington Park.

The Commons Activity Center is ideal for conferences, seminars and small meetings. Groups of 25 to 500 people can be accommodated in one of five banquet rooms. War Fighters conference rooms, which are used for VIP functions, feature two plasma TVs for briefings and are equipped for VTC conferences. A soundproof wall is used to separate the two rooms.

Oates Overlook enhances the beautiful Remington Pond. Guests will enjoy a large stone fireplace, comfortable seating areas and a full kitchen. The lodge is a great place for unit functions or any special event. Seating capacity is for 50 with a standing capacity of 100.

Lloyd’s Landing is on the beach at Remington Park. It has a large stone fireplace with two cozy seating areas. A large deck surrounds the front on the water side; perfect for those special summer events. Seating capacity is 80 with a standing capacity of 150. Catering is available for all locations. For more information or to make an appointment to tour the facilities, call 315-772-6222.

Also at the Commons are Buster’s Brew Pub and the Winner’s Circle Sports Bar.

Buster’s Brew Pub is an Old English-style pub that offers a unique and comfortable atmosphere. The menu includes sandwiches and specialty salads and nightly dinner specials. Buster’s offers several different brewed beers on tap, plus a home-brewed root beer, brewed in their own microbrewery.

The Winner’s Circle Sports Bar offers patrons the latest in state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, with 18 television sets, one large-screen, seven plasma TVs, a dance floor with great surround-sound equipment and a cybercafe with gaming capabilities. Whatever the sports season is, it is sure to be on at the Winner’s Circle Sports Bar. Call 315-772-6222 to see what’s happening.

The Fort Drum Labyrinth

(Corner of Mount Belvedere Boulevard and Enduring Freedom Drive)

The labyrinth can be just for fun or as a tool for serious contemplation and meditation. The design of the labyrinth is based on a medieval labyrinth built in 1200 from the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. A labyrinth is not a maze. It does not have dead ends but rather follows on one continuous path from the entrance that always leads to the center.

The entrance is on the northwest side nearest the parking lot at the entrance to our recreational trail system and adjacent to one of Fort Drum’s natural areas. (See the foldout map of the recreational trail system.)

Heritage Center Fort Drum Labyrinth

Main Desk: 315-774-0355

Building P-10502

The Heritage Center houses the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum, the USO and Off the Beaten Path gift store.

The 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum collects and preserves the military history of the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum. The free exhibits span the arrival of the United States Army in the North Country for the War of 1812 through the current deployments of the modern 10th Mountain Division. The exhibits educate and inspire using actual military objects that represent the diverse military history found right here in the North Country. The museum can also support educational programs, unit professional development, and local staff rides. The museum is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except training holidays. The museum can be reach at 315-774-0355 or connect with us through our Facebook page

The United Service Organizations (USO) Fort Drum caters to service members and their Families, providing a “touch of home” atmosphere. Amenities include free wireless internet and computer lab, video gaming, TVs, movie theater, lounge chairs, designated play area for children and a large, multi-purpose room. USO volunteers are on-hand to assist with information on local services and programs offered by the surrounding military support community. The USO Transition Services team is available to assist all services members and Families making the transition back into civilian life.

The USO Fort Drum center is always stocked with complimentary snack and beverages. The Midday Hot Snack Program operates Monday through Friday starting at 11:30 a.m., providing snacks on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.

For more information about the USO Fort Drum please visit in person, telephone 315-777-8006, email, Facebook or visit our website

Off the Beatin’ Path provides the Soldiers, Families and community a place to purchases 10th Mountain Division-themed souvenirs and gift items. From local maple syrup to stained glass ornaments or unique unit themed jewelry. Off the Beatin’ Path proceeds support the 10th Mountain Division Spouses Club. Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 3 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, closed Mondays, weekends and holidays. For more information call 315-608-6162or email:

Library and Education Complex, 
Robert C. McEwen (CRD)

Circulation Desk: 315-772-9099
Reference Services: 315-772-6005

Building P-4300

The McEwen Library collection contains current best-sellers, top children’s books, magazines, online access to educational and professional publications, compact discs, videos, DVDs and audio books. If you can’t find what you are looking for, inquire about the free interlibrary loan service. The facility offers fax and photocopy services at a cost, and it maintains a free paperback swap rack. Patrons may use computers available to access the internet. See the education section of this guide for details about the Education Center adjacent to the library.

Fort Drum Directorate of Public Works – Natural Resources Branch

Fort Drum’s Natural Resources Branch offers a number of outreach events annually. Fort Drum foresters organize an annual Maple Days event held the last two Saturdays of March. It is an opportunity to see this historic North Country tradition in action, from collecting sap to making (and tasting!) fresh maple syrup. Fort Drum biologists organize a free youth fishing derby in May on the Saturday before Memorial weekend at Remington Pond. In August, Outdoor Adventure Day, a free Family-friendly event is held in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension Service of Jefferson County which emphasizes outdoor recreation and natural resources with hands-on activities and live demonstrations. For information on these outreach events, visit our website at or Fort Drum Natural Resources Facebook page.

Outdoor Recreation on Fort Drum

Fort Drum provides one of the largest tracts of contiguous land in the northeastern U.S. available to the general public for recreational use, with approximately 69,000 acres available for hunting, fishing and other recreational activities. The only areas with limited access for hunting are 2,800 acres in the Cantonment Area (where archery hunting is allowed only by individuals possessing a DOD identification card) 
and designated areas open to disabled access hunting only. Fort Drum has six lakes and ponds and at least 39 miles of rivers and streams which are regularly fished. In addition, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) stocks trout (brook, brown and rainbow) annually in selected bodies of water.

Outdoor recreation on the installation is managed by the Fort Drum’s Natural Resources Branch. Fort Drum follows New York State regulations for seasons and bag limits for fishing, hunting and trapping. Active-duty military personnel stationed at Fort Drum are considered state residents and do not have to pay non-resident license fees. New York state hunting and fishing licenses may be purchased off post at local licensing agencies or online. Visit the NYSDEC website at for more information.

All first-time hunters and trappers must pass a safety and education course before obtaining a license from New York State. Courses are free of charge and administered by the NYSDEC. To learn more, see the NYSDEC website at or call the Regional Sportsman Education office at 315-785-2533.

Fort Drum has its own Fort Drum Regulation 420-3, Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Camping for outdoor recreational activities. Outdoor recreation activities allowed on Fort Drum training lands include:

  • Fishing.
  • Hunting (including scouting).
  • Trapping (see Fort Drum Regulation 420-3 for more information).
  • Camping.
  • Wildlife viewing and/or photography.
  • Harvesting fruit, mushrooms, ramps/leeks, rhubarb, fiddleheads, dandelions and asparagus.
  • Picnicking.
  • Hiking.
  • Geocaching.
  • Dog walking and training.
  • Cross-country skiing.
  • Snowshoeing.
  • Bicycling
  • Horseback riding.
  • Target shooting (see Fort Drum Regulation 420-3 for more information).
  • Snowmobiling (only in training areas 7E, 7F and 7G).
  • ATV riding (only on recreational roads around training areas 7E, 7F and 7G).
  • Boating (including kayaking and canoeing).

Fort Drum recreational access passes are required to recreate on Fort Drum. Passes are only available online through the website at Passes are free. Recreationists can obtain access passes from a home, library or other computer terminal with internet access and a printer. Check-in and checkout of the training area is required through the Sportsman’s Hotline at (855-267-9770).

Brochures for angling, small-game hunting, bird watching and other activities are also available in the kiosk outside the Natural Resources Outreach Facility (S-2507), Natural Resources Branch Office (T-4848), or the website at For recreation-related questions, the Natural Resources Branch can be contacted at 315-772-9636.

For information on outdoor recreation on Fort Drum, visit our website at

Outdoor Recreation (ODR) 
Rental (CRD)


Building P-11115


Outdoor Recreation is an enthusiast’s dream. The Recreational Complex affords Soldiers, Families and DOD civilians the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors through our recreational shooting ranges, trips and a large array of equipment rental for all seasons of the year, and all are offered at a low cost to the individual. Outdoor Recreation offers an array of rentals and adventures to include, but not limited to, snowboarding, skiing, ice fishing, ATV riding, whitewater rafting, party rental equipment and boats. We offer almost everything.

The Sportsman’s Lodge facility is available for rent (day use for special events) through the Fort Drum Outdoor Recreation Complex.

Parks and Recreation (CRD)


Building P-11115


Parks and Recreation is the place for brochures and other information on hotels, motels, transportation, camping, parks, sightseeing, adventure and recreational outings, and entertainment attractions. Also available is information about recreational opportunities in the North Country.

Leisure Travel Services serves as a ticket outlet for several organizations, including Disney World. Staff members can also negotiate special discounts and group rates and provide information on various travel arrangements, including cruises. Group trips are offered monthly, including visits to New York City, river cruises, professional sports venues, skiing, theater outings, etc. Seasonal offerings include discounted tickets for riverboat cruises, area attractions and amusement parks, and ski resorts. Classes are offered for safety and recreational pursuits.

Parks and Recreation supervises the skeet and archery range. The range is coin-operated and closes at dusk.

The Equipment Checkout Center provides a long list of rental gear to DOD government ID card holders. Available equipment includes campers, boats, barbecue grills and other picnic equipment needs, fishing and camping equipment, and sporting equipment such as bicycles and skis. Parks and Recreation is also responsible for recreational vehicle storage.

Additionally, lawn and garden equipment, including garden tillers and lawn mowers, are available. A full list of rental items is available at the equipment checkout desk and on the Web at Please inquire at time of reservation. Active-duty patrons may reserve equipment up to 60 days in advance (30 days for all others). Payment in full is due at the time of pickup.

The park offers playgrounds for youngsters to enjoy and an open field area for sporting activities, hiking and bicycling. A footbridge crosses one of the pond’s inlets to take visitors to the new beach house and swimming area supervised by lifeguards.

The park provides two great lodges for gatherings of up to 150 people; reservations for the lodges are made through the Commons at 315-772-6222. The lodges are a natural wood, A-frame building with a wraparound deck, a stone fireplace and great kitchen facilities.

Outdoor Recreation also operates three campgrounds.

Dirty Harry’s Sportsman’s Lodge, located behind the Parks and Recreation Complex, features a fireplace, kitchen, wraparound deck and guest capacity of 50 seated or 100 standing. Reservations for use of Dirty Harry’s can be made by calling 315-772-8222/5169.

Parks and Recreation oversees Remington Park, Fort Drum’s premier seasonal recreation area. Situated on picturesque Remington Pond, the facility offers the post community a place to enjoy the beauty of northern New York. Reservations may be made at 315-772-5169. There are also several small picnic sites for Families and individuals.

Recreational Shooting Complex (CRD)


Building P-11115


With the paintball range, the skeet and trap range, the sportsman’s range at Range 2 and the archery ranges, individuals have been enjoying the outdoors and relaxing in ways that only come from the therapy of shooting a firearm or a bow. Connect with your children, or simply relax in the serene outdoors on any of our ranges.

Remington Park and Pavilion (CRD)



Outdoor Recreation oversees Remington Park, Fort Drum’s premier seasonal recreation area. Situated on picturesque Remington Pond, the facility offers the post community a place to enjoy the beauty of northern New York. Reservations may be made at 315-772-5169. There are also several small picnic sites for Families and individuals.

The park features six large pavilions, several medium pavilions and picnic areas for Family groups, volleyball, horseshoes, and playgrounds, fishing docks (catch and release only), a beach area and a fitness trail. Please call ahead to verify availability and hours. The beach offers swimming, paddleboats and kayak rentals. Come and enjoy a relaxing day in the outdoors through the comfortable setting of Fort Drum’s backyard.

The park provides two great lodges for gatherings of up to 150 people; reservations for the lodges are made through the Commons at 315-772-6222. The lodges are a natural wood, A-frame building with a wraparound deck, a stone fireplace and great kitchen facilities.

Warrior Adventure Quest (CRD)


Building P-11115


Fort Drum offers units and Soldiers exciting outdoor adventure training and recreational opportunities. Activities include Hiking Club, paintball, guided hunting and fishing, geocaching, guided ATV and snowmobile trips, sportsman shooting (archery, skeet, trap and range) and extreme sports such as mountain biking and whitewater rafting. Activity suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

Sports, Fitness and Aquatics Program

Ft Drum Family and Morale, Welfare Sports, Fitness and Aquatics Program



Building P-10050


The sports office administers a variety of intramural and self-directed programs, including team and individual competitions. The sports office can help organize a team or find an opponent in any sport. Flag football (indoor and outdoor), basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer (indoor and outdoor), racquetball, bowling and unit cross-country runs are among the sports played seasonally. Fort Drum works with a local golf club to conduct summer golf tournaments, in addition to post-wide sport tournaments and special events offered year-round. Besides the two fitness complexes on post, there are eight softball diamonds, eight tennis courts, 10 basketball courts and four soccer and football fields.

The Sports Office coordinates Fort Drum’s participation in All-Army Sports camps and tournaments. Contact the Sports, Fitness and Aquatics Office for a copy of the annual sports calendar.

Atkins Functional Fitness Facility (CRD)


Building P-4325


This state-of-the-art cross-training facility focuses on training Soldiers for combat. Functional fitness exercises are designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities. Functional fitness focuses on strength, agility, stamina and speed. Functional fitness builds a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions. Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work, in sport or on the battlefield. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability. Personal trainers are available to give you a one-on-one personalized functional fitness workout plan. Functional fitness is geared toward fitness training to resume daily and work activities.

Magrath Sports Complex (CRD)


Building P-10050


Magrath Sports Complex is the focal point for many sports programs. The building houses three basketball and volleyball courts, a 25-meter indoor pool, two saunas, an indoor running track, an exercise room equipped with the latest in Nautilus, Life-Fitness and Hammer weightlifting equipment, cardiovascular machines to include treadmills, elliptical, steppers, upright and recumbent bikes, two racquetball courts and an open exercise area for classes. Outside, there is a football and soccer field, urban obstacle course, 18-hole disc golf course, outdoor dodge ball court, four-lighted softball fields, two beach volleyball courts, two-lighted tennis courts and a running track.

Monti Physical Fitness Center (CRD)


Building P-4305


The facility houses two basketball and volleyball courts, a 25-meter indoor pool with wave machine, a 3-meter diving board, a circular slide and small children’s pool, two saunas, a cardio room with the latest steppers and treadmills, Precor elliptical and bikes, a weight room with Nautilus Eagle Selectorized equipment, Hammer Strength and Cybex free weights, fitness and multipurpose classrooms, and two combative classrooms. Outside, there are three multipurpose athletic fields available for reserved use, three pavilions with grills and picnic tables available for rent and a playground. Aerobics classes are offered weekly. Personalized physical fitness instruction and health management is offered to help meet lifestyle goals. Contact 315-772-6663 for more information.


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