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Ft Riley Central Flint Hills Region Welcomes You Local Partnerships


In 2008, the 1st Infantry Division and Kansas State University established a formal institutional partnership. The military-to-university community partnership advances the goals of both Fort Riley and the university, enhancing the lives of those in the military and campus communities. The university is home to the state’s largest military population in higher education and is continually recognized for its military inclusiveness. The university’s Institute for the Health and Security of Military Families addresses the health and resiliency of military personnel, veterans and their families after deployment. As such, many faculty members have research that’s intimately connected with the military lifestyle. Institute programs range from research on the effects of trauma and deployment on military members and their families to speech and language services for traumatic brain injury and other disorders. For more information, visit

Other community ties include the Military Affairs Committee (, Flint Hills Regional Council ( and Flint Hills Veterans Coalition (

Additionally, the Junction City - Geary County Military Affairs Council provides services and resources. Learn more at


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