Army Patient-Level Satisfaction Survey (APLSS)

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When we receive high APLSS scores, the Department of the Army provides additional funding to improve patient services. We would very much like to hear all our patient’s views and opinions on the overall health care they receive. Many times after you visit one of Reynolds’ clinics, you will receive a letter asking you to complete a Patient Satisfaction Survey which measures how satisfied you were with your visit.


The best and easiest way to rate our services is to complete the Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey every time you receive one. The survey can be completed online or simply by calling the 800 numbers listed on your letter. The survey will only take a few minutes and is an excellent way to help us help you. Your survey results and comments are sent back to us by an independent agency. Your identity remains completely confidential and unknown to us. We strive to provide high quality service to all our patients. Your participation with completion of these surveys will help us identify how we can better assist you at all your appointments. For more information, please call (580) 558-2390/2483/3161.


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