1st Lt. J. Robert Kalsu Replacement Company

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Ft Campbell 2018 1st Lt Robert Kalsu Replacement Company

Building 6916
34th Street and Desert Storm Avenue

All Soldiers arriving to Fort Campbell must sign in at the 1st Lt. J. Robert Kalsu Replacement Company with the following forms: DA Form 31, PCS orders, personnel file (201), and medical and dental records. Soldiers reporting between the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. must be dressed in the Army Combat Uniform or Army Service Uniform. Replacement company cadre will coordinate in-processing, and billeting will be provided for single Soldiers below the rank of sergeant. Soldiers accompanied by their families and Soldiers above the rank of sergeant are authorized billeting in the Turner Guest House on a space-available basis. All Soldiers must report by the through date on their leave forms. If you are authorized permissive TDY, you may sign into Kalsu on the day your leave terminates.


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