Substance Abuse Care

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Ft Carson_2019 Health Services Substance Abuse Care

In 2015, the secretary of the Army moved substance abuse care to the Army’s Medical Command within behavioral health services. Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care treatment is now in the medical realm while Installation Management Command retains responsibility of the Army Substance Abuse Program drug testing and deterrence, alcohol and drug abuse prevention training, and the ASAP training curriculum.

Soldiers seeking substance abuse assistance should visit the new Behavioral Health Addiction Medicine office in building 1056 (next to the old SRP site) on O’Connell Boulevard. Counseling sessions will now take place in either building 1056, the Mountain Post Behavioral Health Clinic (on Specker Avenue), or at embedded behavioral health clinics.

For those needing assistance with a substance use disorder, call Behavioral Health Addiction Medicine at 526-2862. Call 911 for emergencies.


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