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Ft Carson Community Directorate of Public Works


The DPW is located in building 1219, 1626 Evans Street, between Specker Avenue and Wetzel Street near the intersection of Ellis Street. DPW programs operating out of a different location are listed by building number and street name.

Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST), 526-9411. The DPW Environmental Division AST Program staff manages all convaults that store used oil, diesel and gas on the installation. The program’s responsibilities include monthly inspections and tracking ullage records. Operators/users are responsible for all operations and maintenance activities on ASTs.

Air Program, 526-6601. The DPW Environmental Division Air Program aims to achieve flexible permitting conditions to sustain the military mission without compromising air quality for the region by assisting Soldiers and civilians in acquiring new products that do not negatively impact the local air quality, as well as constantly reassessing ways to reduce overall air emissions.

Arms Room Inspections, 526-3537. Contact the DPW Engineering Division to schedule an arms room inspection.

Army Family Housing (on post) Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC), LLC. Army Family housing on Fort Carson is owned and operated by BBC, which is located at 6800 Prussman Boulevard in the Joel Hefley Community Center. For information on applying for on-post housing, contact the BBC Management Office at 719-579-1606 or online at

Asbestos, Lead and Toxics Program, 526-1725. The DPW Environmental Division manages the Asbestos, Lead and Toxics Program. There are asbestos-containing building materials throughout most of the older buildings on Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. Additionally, some facilities may have lead-based paint, naturally-occurring radon and polychlorinated biphenyls. The DPW protects the environment while ensuring that there are no exposures to Soldiers, dependents or civilians.

Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC) LLC/Army Family Housing (on post). Army Family housing on Fort Carson is owned and operated by BBC located at 6800 Prussman Boulevard in the Joel Hefley Community Center. For information on applying for on-post housing, contact the BBC Management Office at 719-579-1606 or online at

Central Vehicle Wash Facility (CVWF), located at the south end of the cantonment area off of Magrath Avenue, 526-3820 or 719-896-6237. Units are required to use the CVWF to wash vehicles rather than motor pool wash racks unless the CVWF is not operational or closed. Fort Carson saves an estimated 60 to 70 million gallons of water a year through the use of the CVWF through the filtration and reuse of water in the system. Only minor additions of water are needed to make up for evaporation. The use of tactical equipment maintenance facility wash racks is for maintenance cleaning only and requires hoses with a positive shutoff nozzle. Operating hours for the CVWF are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., year round. Contact the CVWF in order to set up a time to wash vehicles, by calling 526-3820 or 719-896-6237. (Note: If a unit wash rack is leaking, call in a service order to 526-5345 for repair.)

Certificates of Nonavailability (CNA), building 1225, Evans Street, 526-9413. The DPW Housing Division is responsible for and manages requests for CNAs for Fort Carson. Soldiers can contact the Unaccompanied Housing (UH) Office to obtain UH and CNA information.

Cultural Resources Program, 526-4484 or 503-6136. The DPW Environmental Division Cultural Resources Program ensures compliance with historic preservation laws, mandates and regulations, while simultaneously facilitating the garrison support missions.

Dig permits – See Utilities section.

Energy Conservation/Net Zero Energy and Water Programs, 526-4320. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division manages the Energy Conservation Program, including energy conservation initiatives, the Commanding General’s Net Zero Energy, Water and Waste Policy. The program is also the lead for Fort Carson’s Net Zero energy and water goals.

Environmental Compliance Assessment Team (ECAT), 524-3534. The DPW Environmental Division ECAT mission is to provide support to units, Garrison directorates and tenants as they relate to environmental compliance and management. The ECAT conducts assessments of all facilities in concert with unit Environmental Protection Officers (EPOs) in order to protect the installation from unnecessary fines and environmental violations by assessing facilities on an annual, biannual, quarterly and monthly basis.

Environmental Management System (EMS), 526-8893. The DPW Environmental Division is the lead for the Fort Carson EMS. The EMS provides a framework for Fort Carson to operate in a manner that acts in accordance with local, state and federal laws as they apply to environmental compliance. Each unit and activity on Fort Carson is a participating member of the EMS.

Environmental Protection Officer (EPO) Certification Training, 526-8893. The DPW Environmental Division provides training on environmental awareness to comply with environmental regulations to individuals assigned to areas where programs are inspected for compliance with environmental standards.

Facility Assignments and Transfers (by appointment only), 526-1745. The DPW Master Planning Division has a step-by-step process in place for the assignment of facility space on Fort Carson, in accordance with Fort Carson Regulation 420-14.

Facility Management Program, 526-4320. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division trains Soldiers and civilians on facility management and supports unit self-help projects with materials. Facility Management Class training is coordinated through Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security - Individual Military Training (Troop Schools, 526-5436).

First Sergeants Barracks Program 2020 (FSBP 2020) – See Single Soldier Housing Office.

Forestry Program (Urban), 526-1692. The installation arborist maintains the urban forest (cantonment area) and provides information to the DPW operations and maintenance contractor to assist the contractor in focusing on sustainability concepts of urban forest management for the benefit the Fort Carson Community.

Forestry Program (Down Range), 526-1667. The Forestry Program manages to sustain healthy and resilient forest structures by using natural processes guided by an ecosystem based management approach. The proper use of natural processes enable a more resilient forest resource to guard against catastrophic wildland fire, insect and disease issues and to provide quality training lands for our current and future Army missions. The Forestry Program also provides low-cost firewood to the local community (call for availability).

Hazardous Waste Storage Facility, off of Butts Road, 526-0980. The DPW Environmental Division manages a Hazardous Waste Storage Facility, which handles hazardous waste for units and activities on Fort Carson. Call for an appointment if a large quantity is expected for turn in.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility (El Paso County), 3255 Akers Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80922, 520-7878. Fort Carson residents can dispose of a variety of household hazardous waste at the El Paso County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. For information about which household hazardous waste products the county accepts and disposal dates and times, visit

Housing Services Office (HSO), building 1225, Evans Street, 526-2323, 526-2322 or 526-5219. The DPW Housing Division HSO provides Soldiers and Families the following services: one-on-one support in locating adequate, affordable and available housing; rentals and for sale listings; complaint mediation; and welcome packets that supply basic information about local communities, local Base Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates, school information, maps and other housing-related information.

Installation Restoration Program, 526-8001. The DPW Environmental Division Installation Restoration Program has an ongoing commitment to the cleanup and restoration of past and present contaminated sites on Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. Such sites include impacts from formerly leaking underground storage tanks, various releases of contaminants and non-active landfills that all require remediation. Prior to conducting any digging activity, submit a dig permit. (See Utilities section.)

Invasive Species, 526-1329. The DPW Environmental Division is responsible for the inventory, control and monitoring of invasive species (including noxious weeds) at Fort Carson and the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. For issues with common weeds such as dandelions, see the Weeds section.

Keys and Locks, building 1225, Evans Street, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 526-5345. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division oversees the operations and maintenance contract, which handles all requests for key replacements and issues relating to locks for unit and civilian real property facilities.

Mapping, Floor Plan Services and GPS, 526-9906, 524-1085 or 526-0641. The DPW Engineering Division Installation Geospatial Information Systems (IGIS) Office provides installation mapping, utility mapping, facility floor plans and surveying services. These services include standard or custom Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, Computer Aided Design (CAD) support or Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Customers are asked to allow three business days for the completion of a mapping or floor plan request. For more information, call 526-9906, 524-1085 or 526-0641, visit building 1219, room 165 or email requests to:

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), 526-4666. The NEPA requires all federal agencies to assess environmental impacts of proposed activities. The DPW Environmental Division manages NEPA actions for Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. To assist with determining documentation requirements and coordination necessary to go forward with the activity, contact the NEPA Program Manager.

Pest Management, 526-5141. Structural pest control at Fort Carson is performed under contract. Services will be provided as a reimbursable cost to the customer. Occupants may request pest control service by placing a call to 526-5141. If there is an urgent pest issue, call 719-491-8603.

Pollution Prevention, 526-4340. The DPW Environmental Division Pollution Prevention (P2) Program can provide assistance with parts washers, P2 project suggestions, environmental training and program assistance.

Recycling Program, 719-491-0218 or 526-1695. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division maintains an active Recycle Program to help with the installation’s goal to achieve Net Zero waste.

Fort Carson maintains a full-service recycle drop-off location at the southeast corner of the Exchange on Sheridan Avenue. The Exchange recycle location is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. An attendant is available to provide recycling assistance.

The Exchange site accepts cardboard, mixed paper (white paper, newspaper, magazines, shredded paper, junk mail, etc.), aluminum, tin, plastic, glass, non-accountable/expendable metals and ink and laser printer cartridges. Customers can also bring the following nontraditional items for recycling:

  • Electronics, including computers, cell phones, DVDs, TVs and other devices. There is a limit of one CRT TV or one flat screen TV accepted per family. (Only personal, non-government, electronics will be accepted.)
  • Porcelain (remove hardware and rubber gaskets)
  • Mattresses (not box springs)
  • Batteries

There are also two primary recycle collection points for cardboard, mixed paper (white paper, newspaper, magazines, shredded paper, junk mail, etc.) aluminum, tin and plastic at the following locations:

  • Wolf Dining Facility parking lot (location also accepts glass)
  • Specker Avenue and Long Street parking east of the Education Center

Note that these recycle locations cannot be used to dispose of household trash. (The Exchange drop-off location does accept limited furniture and household hazardous waste.)

The Fort Carson Recycle Program also accepts unit scrap metal and wood products, including pallets, packing and crating and clean construction lumber. Painted, varnished or treated lumber, rail ties, stumps, tree trimmings or furniture of any type cannot be recycled; however, units can contact the DPW Recycle and Refuse manager at 719-491-0218 for assistance with disposing of these items as trash.

Fort Carson conducts single stream recycling operations to barracks and motorpools to increase recycling user friendliness. Single stream recycling refers to commingling recyclables in one collection container for separation later. Once the totes are full, Soldiers empty the contents into large single stream dumpsters positioned outside of unit barracks and motorpool buildings for ease of collection by the Recycle Program staff. To request single stream totes or an outside dumpster, call 719-491-0218.

Civilian administrative facilities have source separate recycling in place, which refers to separating recyclable materials by commodity type, such as plastic, metal, paper, glass and cardboard for collection by the Recycle Program staff. Containers in civilian organizations are serviced by recycle staff on a recurring basis. To request a recycle station for a building, or for individual office recycle collection bins, call 719-491-0218.

For questions concerning recycling at Fort Carson, call 719-491-0218.

Recycling in Family Housing: On-post housing residents receive 96-gallon, single-stream recycling totes as well as a waste disposal bin for home use. Residents can call BBC at 579-1606, ext. 211, for waste disposal assistance.

Refuse Services, 719-491-0218 or 526-1695. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division require every effort to be made to divert recyclable materials from the waste stream to achieve Net Zero waste goals. For refuse service or container requests, call 719-491-0218.

Self-Help Program – See Facility Management Program section.

Service Contracts, The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division provides a multitude of services by contract, including custodial services, refuse collection, porta johns, etc. The points of contact for Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site can be found below:

Portable latrines 524-0191
Custodial 526-6670
Pest management 526-5141
Elevator repairs 526-5345
Propane 526-9271
Refuse/recycle 526-1695
PCMS propane 526-9271
PCMS refuse 526-1695

The operations and maintenance contract, contracting officer representative can be reached by calling, 524-0191.

Service Orders, building 1225, Evans Street, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 526-5345. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division’s primary responsibility is the maintenance and repair of permanent, fixed structures, called real property, such as buildings, roads, sidewalks, streetlights, grounding points and utility distribution systems. Service orders are processed for the routine maintenance or repair of real property through the DPW operations and maintenance contractor.

Signs, building 1225, Evans Street, 896-0797 or 524-2924. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division operations and maintenance contractor handles all installation facility signage requests (for example, building identification and building numbers), including parking signs and regulatory traffic signs. All signs not provided by DPW are the responsibility of the customer. For more information, or to request a sign, call 526-5345.

Single Soldier Housing Office (SSHO), building 1225, room 161, Evans Street, 526-9707. The DPW Housing Division manages the SSHO. Unit leaders continue to lead Soldiers who live in the barracks. Unit leaders continue to be responsible for good order and discipline. The SSHO augments unit leaders by managing the barracks. Single Soldiers and unit leaders should contact the SSHO with questions associated with the barracks.

Spill Control, 526-0973. The DPW Environmental Division Spill Coordinator is responsible for coordinating management of all spills that occur on post to ensure environmental compliance. As the first spill responder, the Fort Carson Fire Department relies on the expertise of the Environmental Division compliance team. The Environmental Division augments the Fort Carson Fire Department efforts. The team helps in mitigation and advising units and activities on cleanup procedures and reporting requirements for spills.

Snow Removal, 526-9271. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division, operations and maintenance contractor manages snow removal efforts. Snow removal and deicing operations are based on command guidance and available resources.

Stormwater Management Program, 526-1697. The DPW Environmental Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with stormwater permit requirements. Analysis conducted by the program also assists in determining flood hazards to personnel and buildings on Fort Carson, and is a quantitative reference for required permitting and regulation compliance in the management of Fort Carson’s surface water resources.

Traffic Engineering, 526-9267. The DPW Engineering Division manages on-post traffic project planning, traffic signal operations and traffic sign management. It also serves as a liaison between Fort Carson and various civilian transportation agencies for off-post traffic projects and issues affecting the installation.

Trash – See Refuse Services section.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST), 526-9411. The DPW Environmental Division UST Program manages all underground storage tanks, which supply Fort Carson with fuel from the AAFES service stations on post. This process includes, but is not limited to, the paying of fees, compliance management, inspection and training on all aspects of UST management.

Unit Sponsorship Program, building 1225 off of Evans Street, 526-4246 (POC Housing Division NCOIC). The DPW Housing Division manages the Garrison Commander's Unit Sponsorship Program. Under the program, various installation units — battalions and brigades — sponsor a particular on-post housing village and partner with the village mayor and a BBC leasing agent.

Utilities (utility locates, dig permits, electric, power outages, sewer-related issues, gas and water use/hydrants), 526-9243. The DPW Operations and Maintenance Division’s operations and maintenance contractor provides permits supporting all utility outages, utility locates and traffic diversions. The dig permit office is located in building 8010 and can be reached by calling 302-0157. The dig permit office is “one stop shopping” for obtaining dig permits and can also assist with utility outage requests. Prior to submitting a dig permit, a Work Request (DA Form 4283) must be completed and approved through the DPW Business Operations and Integration Division Work Management Branch. (See Work Request Section.) Permits for construction water can be obtained in building 1219, room 209.

Water Quality Program, 526-1730. The DPW Environmental Division manages the Water Quality Program for the installation. Fort Carson receives its drinking water from Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU). CSU maintains an extensive testing program that assures full compliance with the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. In addition, the DPW operations and maintenance contractor performs routine supplementary testing for chlorine levels, coliform contamination and chlorination byproducts on the drinking water distribution system with the goal of providing water that is safe to drink for all Fort Carson consumers. On an annual schedule, testing for lead and copper is conducted on water samples collected from schools, child development centers and family housing.

Weeds, 526-5345. Weed control at Fort Carson is performed under contract by the DPW operations and maintenance contractor, T&H Services, and through the use of the Self-help Weed Control Program. Contracted weed control is generally limited to the managed turf areas and red rock and xeriscape ornamental areas. Most other areas are not covered and are controlled through the use of Fort Carson’s Self-help Weed Control Program. For information on this program, call the DPW operations and maintenance contractor weed supervisor at 432-8077.

Weeds (Invasive Species) – See Invasive Species section.

Wetlands Program, 526-1685. The DPW Environmental Division manages both jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional wetlands at Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. Wetlands management protects wetland values in accordance with numerous federal regulations. Wetlands are directly associated with “Waters of the United States” jurisdictions and may require permits to conduct activities in these areas.

Wildland Fire Program, 526-1696. The DPW Environmental Division promotes a healthy forest community through an integrated management approach to wildfire suppression and prescribed fire on Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. The program focuses on protecting and improving training lands, by using a natural fire regime. The Wildland Fire Program also provides education and outreach to adjoining communities and landowners.

Wildlife Program, 526-8006 or 524-3975 for Fort Carson and 503-6529 for Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS). The DPW Environmental Division Wildlife Program at Fort Carson and PCMS works to maximize access to Army land, air and water resources for military training while ensuring that the biological diversity of natural resources entrusted to the Army are sustained for training, education, recreation and other compatible uses. This sustainability is achieved by way of inventory and monitoring, scientific research and adaptive management. The Wildlife Program also manages and seeks to improve wildlife recreational opportunities, including hunting and fishing, for Soldiers, their families and the general public.

Work Requests (Facilities Engineering Work Requests, DA Form 4283), 526-2900. Work Requests are processed through the DPW Business Operations and Integration Division Work Management Branch. Work Orders are typically for maintenance and repair projects over the limits of a service order or for any new construction requirements.


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