Register Your Weapons

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It is important that you register privately owned firearms as soon as you arrive at Fort Benning if you live in post housing or barracks or access post with your weapons for any reason, including hunting or target practice. Soldiers must obtain their unit commander’s approval using FB FM 190-11. Register weapons at the MP station in Building 71. Do not bring weapons into the building. If you live on post, you have 10 days to complete this process upon introducing a weapon to Fort Benning. Weapons must remain in quarters until registration is complete. Failure to register a firearm may result in UCMJ action, titling for weapons violation, exclusion from the installation and loss of hunting privileges.

Privately owned firearms can only be stored in unit arms rooms, post quarters, MWR lodging facilities, MWR range facilities or other facilities approved by the DES Physical Security Branch. Storage of firearms in privately owned vehicles is prohibited.

The carrying of a concealed weapon on the installation is prohibited, with no exception. For more information, call 706-545-5223/5222.


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