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Like the state of Texas, Fort Hood is big and boasts of being the largest active-duty armored post in the U.S. armed services. Fort Hood is nicknamed “the Great Place” because of the quality of life the post and area offer Soldiers and their Families. These qualities are important, especially with home-basing initiatives, frequent deployments and Family stability and support.

Soldiers living in the Fort Hood area can expect to have one of the highest quality of life standards in the Army. New housing, quality medical care, thriving communities, recreation and schools combine to ensure that Fort Hood is the Great Place. Fort Hood covers nearly 340 square miles and supports multiple units, a Corps Headquarters and a robust mobilization mission.


Fort Hood rests in the beautiful hill and lake country of Central Texas between Killeen and Copperas Cove, about 60 miles north of the capital in Austin and 50 miles south of Waco. Fort Hood is fortunate to have the cities of Killeen, Harker Heights, Belton, Temple and Copperas Cove as neighbors. These cities include new and affordable housing areas, shopping centers, recreational facilities and good restaurants.

The major access highway to Fort Hood’s principal cantonment area and West Fort Hood is U.S. Highway 190, which provides four-lane controlled access to the post from Interstate Highway 35, the main North-South route through Central Texas.

At a convenient distance from the post are two manmade reservoirs. Belton and Stillhouse Hollow lakes provide an enjoyable recreational outlet for Fort Hood Soldiers and their Families. There are 127 ponds on the reservation, all suitable for fishing.


The HOP — public buses running through Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Temple and Belton — operates Monday through Saturday. Rides cost $1.

An on-post shuttle service runs after duty hours, on weekends and on holidays including training holidays. There are 24 stops along the route, which is operated by two 15-passenger vans, with a van arriving at each stop about 30 minutes apart. Each stop is marked with a “Soldier Shuttle Stop” sign, and shuttle route maps are posted at the Transportation Motor Pool, the Copeland Center, 21st Replacement, Clear Creek Post Exchange and at each shuttle stop. For more information, call 254-287-2804.


All Soldiers, regardless of unit assignment, will report to the Copeland Soldiers Service Center, Building 18010. You will furnish the information desk with copies of your orders, leave form, military personnel file, and medical and dental records. During in-processing, Soldiers — private through major — will follow schedules for mandatory events. Actual in-processing lasts about four working days.

After reporting in, Soldiers who are colonels, lieutenant colonels, CW5s, sergeants major and promotable master sergeants will be directed to the Office Personnel Management Division (OPMD) located in III Corps Headquarters, Building 1001, Room 126, for further assignment processing.

All other officers, NCOs and enlisted Soldiers will be processed through the Copeland Soldiers Service Center.

After signing in, you will be directed or transported to the Fort Hood Replacement Detachment, Building 16011, off Battalion Avenue or transient quarters for sleeping accommodations and directions for the next day. You will need several copies of your orders to update your military records, insurance, emergency data card and change of address card. Your ID card will be checked and a new one issued, if necessary. Medical and dental specialists will screen your records for special considerations and immunization needs. Your unit will provide the name and location of the appropriate medical clinic for you to visit.

Children: Free hourly child care for all ranks is available at the Fort Hood Child Development Center while you in-process. For details and locations, call 254-287-8029 or DSN 737-8029.

Local banking representatives will be available in Buildings 18010 and 16008 for any Soldier who wishes to open an account. A list of area financial institutions will also be available.

Army Community Service staff members provide welcome packets, one-on-one counseling, access to the ACS Loan Closet as well as the Office of Citizenship and Immigration information for Family members. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. ACS is in the Rivers Building 121.

The housing staff, on the second floor of Copeland Building 18010, will provide a list of available off-post housing. Those eligible may be placed on a list for on-post housing at this time.

Once you get settled in your unit, or have obtained housing, you must notify the Transportation Office. Household goods and hold baggage will be delivered by appointment, and you will need a copy of your inventory sheet completed by the carrier at your last location.

Emergency care is always available at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center.

Family dental care is not provided by the Army at Fort Hood. Family member dental emergencies may be treated at the dental clinic servicing the sponsor. Soldiers are encouraged to enroll their Family members in TRICARE Dental Program.


Fort Hood is serviced by area code 254. There are several DSN prefixes on post. The DSN prefix corresponds to the commercial numbers assigned. For example, the commercial number 254-287-4003 would be dialed DSN like: 737-4003.

Prefixes and their corresponding DSNs are:

285 = DSN 663 288 = DSN 738
286 = DSN 566 553 = DSN 663
287 = DSN 737 618 = DSN 259

Questions about coming to Fort Hood can be answered by the Copeland Soldiers Service Center at 254-287-3832 or DSN 737-7486.


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