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T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville

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Location: Bldg. 4-1431, corner of Reilly & Normandy Drive
Phone 643-8533
Fax 396-7355
Swimming lessons, water aerobics, etc.
Monday – Friday 0600-2000
Recreational swimming
Saturday – Sunday 1200-1900


 Ft Bragg_2019 T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville TAX CENTER

Location: Bldg. 4-2843, 6th Floor, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-1040/TAXX (8299)

Hours of Operation:
Open January to April 15 only
Monday-Friday 0900-2100
Saturday 0900-1700 (subject to change)
Closed Sundays and all Federal Holidays

Services Provided: Assistance provided on a walk in basis to active duty, retirees and Family members. Preparation in Federal and State tax returns, Federal and State tax form distribution, Federal and State electronic filing, and general tax information. Arrive at the Tax Center no later than one hour prior to closing. Bring W-2s, social security cards, military ID cards, any tax forms received in the mail, a canceled check if you want your refund through direct deposit, IRS Form 2848 (Power of Attorney) if you are filing for someone else.




Location: Bldg. 2-2412, Woodruff Street
Phone 907-4053

Hours of Operation:

Shopping Hours
Tuesday-Saturday 0900-1400
Sunday-Monday Closed

Consignment Hours
Tuesday-Saturday 0900-1300

NOTE: Please call ahead for any large items that take up floor space to ensure space for items.

Authorized Patrons: The Bragg ‘N Barn Thrift Shop is open to the public for shopping, but only active/retired/reserve military personnel and their Family members (18 years and older with valid ID cards), active DOD civilians with valid DOD ID cards may consign items.

Services Provided: The Bragg ‘N Barn provides a means of exchange of used clothing and merchandise through consignment. Funds generated are distributed to projects on the installation, local off-post community organizations, and to overseas military service-related organizations whose activities directly impact the welfare of our troops. Please call for more info. Applications accepted every February for scholarship grants. Soldiers and Family Members E-4 and below can receive up to 10 donated items free the 1st Friday of each month.

Consignment Rules: Consignment period is for 45 days and the Thrift Shop will deduct a 25% commission. Individuals may consign 28 items (7 items per category) up to 7 days per month. Consignors may pick-up checks on the 10th of the month for sales in the prior month. Checks not picked up in 3 months will be voided. Persons who have PCS orders may consign 56 items per day beginning 30 days prior to departure. (Bring a copy of the orders.)

Donations Always Accepted: Your donations help make the Thrift Shop possible. Through the sale of these donated items operating costs are met and more dollars are available to distribute to the community. Please bring your donations in to the Consignment Room during business hours. After hours you may place your donations in the Donation Bin. DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS OUTSIDE THE BIN AS THE WEATHER WILL RUIN THEM. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH OR DAMAGED FURNITURE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING AS “DUMPING” IS ILLEGAL and we have no way of disposing of the item.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers make The Bragg ‘N Barn Thrift Shop possible for the Fort Bragg community. No skills are necessary-training provided. Special privileges provided for volunteers.


Location: 2nd floor, Wing B, Bldg.4-2843, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-7472
Fax 396-9694

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Tuesday & Thursday-Friday 0900-1600
Wednesday & Federal Holidays Closed

Services Provided: Transition of all Soldiers who elect to separate from Fort Bragg, who are leaving the military for retirement, expiration term of service (ETS), administrative discharges or demobilization.


Ft Bragg_2019 T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville (INSTALLATION) TRANSPORTATION OFFICE (ITO)

Location: 1st floor, Bldg. 4-2843, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive

Inbound 396-2903/6790
Fax 396-2172

Outbound 396-5212/2163
Fax 396-4404

Personally Procured Moves (PPM) 396-0331/0332
Non-Temp. Storage 396-4360
Fax 396-2173

Quality Control 396-9605
Fax 907-3148

DPS Lab 396-1669
Fax 396-1866

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Services Provided: The Installation Transportation Office (ITO) provides a wide variety of transportation services for the soldiers, airmen, and civilians of Ft. Bragg, Pope Field, and the surrounding areas.


Location: 1st floor, Bldg. 4-2843, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive
Port Call/Group Moves 396-7105
Fax 396-6715

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0730-1600

Location: 1st floor, Bldg. 4-2843, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive
Phone 800-235-1683

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1600
Saturday-Sunday Closed



Location: Bldg. 4-2171, Mini Mall, Reilly Road
Phone 396-TRIP/TOUR (8747/8687)
Fax 396-4386

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 1000-1700
Saturday-Sunday Closed

Services Provided: Discount Tickets to Disney World; Universal Studios; Sea World; Carowinds, Busch Gardens; Kings Dominion; Biltmore Estate and much more; Cruises and Australia packages


Ft Bragg_2019 T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville USO

Location: 1st floor, Bldg. 4-2843, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive
Phone 495-1437
Fax 495-1439

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0900-1600
Saturday-Sunday Closed

Services Provided: Computers, TV lounge/Dayroom, Snacks

Programs: Deployment & Homecoming Support, United through Reading, Single Warrior Birthday Cakes and more.

Special & Seasonal Programs: Kidz Korner


Location: 400 Airport Road, Suite 4, Fayetteville, NC
Phone 482-8200
Fax 482-8201

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Sunday 0700-1900

Services Provided: Computers/Wi-Fi, TV Lounge, Snacks, Children’s area


Services Provided: All North Carolina vehicles must be inspected within 10 days following registration. Vehicles must show an inspection sticker as evidence of this inspection. All 1996 and newer gasoline-powered vehicles registered in an emissions county are required to receive the On Board Diagnostics (OBD II) emissions test. Numerous garages and service stations offer this service. The cost of an emissions inspection is $30.00 and the safety inspection is $13.60 plus any necessary parts. Services are also provided by the Fort Bragg’s Auto Skills Center.


Vehicle registration is no longer required on Fort Bragg.


Location: Eutaw Shopping Center, Fayetteville
Phone 485-1590

Location: Hope Mills Shopping Plaza, Hope Mills
Phone 424-2500

Location: Spring Lake Shopping Plaza, Spring Lake
Phone 497-3707

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0900-1700
Closed Federal holidays

Services Provided: The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires automobile owners to have liability insurance coverage before registering your car in NC. State law requires that you register your vehicle within 30 days of establishing residence in the state. The DMV also recommends replacement of your driver’s license at that time. North Carolina plates are only good if you hold continuous insurance. Should your insurance lapse at any time your license plate must be surrendered to the DMV. To re-license your vehicle, you must pay a $25.00 fee in addition to the cost of the license plate. To obtain NC license tags, you must have:

  1. Insurance (name and policy number). If new policy, name of agent and agency.
  2. Title (in owner’s name) or properly reassigned to them. If the bank holds your title, you must have current registration and name and address of bank.
  3. If you came from a non-title state, you need the current registration and 2 notarized copies of the bill of sale from the last two owners.



Location: 1st floor, Bldg. 4-2843, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-8472
Fax 396-6512
Vocational Rehabilitation 908-2921

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1600


Location: 301 East Russell Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone 677-2970
Fax 677-2964

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 0830-1500
Friday 0830-1100


Location: 2301 Robeson Street, Suite 103, Fayetteville, NC 28305
Phone 488-6252
Fax 488-5589

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 0700-1730


Location: 251 North Main Street, Federal Building, Winston-Salem, NC 27155
Phone 800-827-1000
Fax 336-631-5028

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 0800-1600

Please call in advance as to documents needed to file a claim.

Services Provided: The function of the Division of Veterans Affairs is to assist veterans and their families in the presentation, processing proof and establishment of claims, privileges, rights and benefits as they may be entitled to under Federal, State or local laws. The Division also cooperates with the various governmental units and veterans organizations in seeking to serve veterans.


Location: 7300 So. Raeford Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28304
Phone 488-2120 or 800-771-6106

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0730-1700

Services Provided: Outpatient health care services for veterans.


Location: 2300 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone 488-2120

Services Provided: Health care for veterans


Location: Bldg. 4-2843, Soldier Support Center, Normandy Drive
Phone 396-6826

Services Provided: AMVETS can assist you with preparation & filing disability claims with the VA. You may contact the office at 396-6826 to schedule an appointment.



Ft Bragg_2019 T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville VETERINARY SERVICES


Location: Bldg. 2-7606, Reilly Road
Phone 396-9120
Fax 396-3882

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1600*
Saturday-Sunday & Federal Holidays Closed

*Closed the last working day of the month for inventory and staff development.

Services Provided: The VETCEN provides annual wellness appointments for vaccines and screening tests for dogs and cats. The VETCEN also provides limited sick-call, routine surgery, and dental prophylaxis for privately owned animals. The VETCEN provides domestic and international Health Certificates for your pets when you PCS. Contact the VETCEN to discuss other services or procedures for your pets or to schedule an appointment.


  1. All dogs and cats residing on Fort Bragg must be registered in accordance with FB REG 40-5 and housing requirements within 10 days of arrival or acquisition.
  2. Owners can contact the VETCEN to review patient records or schedule an appointment to ensure all requirements are met prior to completion of the housing memorandum.
  3. All active, Guard, Reserve, and retired personnel must present a DOD Uniformed Services ID card for services.
    Wildlife and exotic animals (ferrets, skunks, raccoons, wolves, wolf hybrids, etc.) are not authorized to be housed on Fort Bragg and will not be treated at this facility.
  4. Stray Animal/Animal Control: Stray animals found roaming on Fort Bragg are handled by county animal control agencies. If you encounter a stray animal, contact the Military Police who will coordinate with the local animal control agency to secure the animal.


Phone 396-3103
Fax 396-2913

Hours of Operation:
Food Inspector Duty
Monday-Friday 0900-1630

Services Provided: Veterinary Food Inspectors provide complete food inspection support for all commissary stores, shoppettes, MWR food and child care facilities, DoDEA schools, and Subsistence Supply Management Office (SSMO).


Ft Bragg_2019 T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville WIC-WOMEN, INFANTS AND CHILDREN

Services Provided: WIC is a special supplemental food and nutrition education program that has been operating in North Carolina since 1974. What began as a small pilot program serving approximately 4500 individuals a month is now a major program serving about 165,000 mothers and their children each month in North Carolina.

Benefits: WIC participants receive nutrition education and supplemental food to improve their diets and reduce their chances of health problems caused by poor nutrition. They are given vouchers that they redeem at participating grocery stores to obtain WIC foods. Foods include: milk, cheese, eggs, iron fortified cereal, vitamin C enriched juices, dry beans/peas, peanut butter, and for infants: iron fortified Enfamil, iron fortified Prosobee, iron fortified lactofree, iron fortified infant cereal, vitamin C enriched juices.

Program Eligibility:

  • A pregnant woman or one who has recently had a baby or is breast-feeding an infant less than 12 months of age.
  • An infant
  • A child who has not reached their fifth birthday
  • Meet local agency eligibility scale. The gross annual income cannot exceed 185% of poverty. All Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Work First recipients meet WIC income eligibility.
  • Nutritional/medical eligibility must also be met. This is determined by staff health professionals.


Location: Cumberland County Health Department, 1235 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone 433-3730


Location: 2622 Hope Mills Road Hope Mills, NC 28348
Phone 433-3760


Location: 103 Laketree Blvd. Spring Lake, NC 28390
Phone 321-6420




Location: Bldg. OT-9034 McKellar’s Road
Phone 432-5427
Fax 396-9474

Hours of Operation:

Call for hours.

Services Provided: Provides Fort Bragg, Camp Mackall and the surrounding community with safe, quality hunting and fishing opportunities, dedicated and professional fish and wildlife management and natural resources stewardship.


Ft Bragg_2019 T-W: Tax Center - Women's Center of Fayetteville WOMACK ARMY MEDICAL CENTER

Welcome to Womack Army Medical Center. We are here to serve the medical needs of active-duty service members and their Families, as well as our retirees and their Families.

STEP 1 - Update DEERS

It is important to update your information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) with your current address and other information to ensure you continue receiving your medical benefits. You can do this by calling 800-538-9552 or by visiting the post ID Card Facility, which is located in the Soldier Support Center, off Normandy Drive, 910-396-9339.

STEP 2 - Enroll in TRICARE

Eligible beneficiaries may call-877-TRICARE to request an enrollment packet.


TRICARE Prime is the only option active-duty Family members and retirees who are not Medicare eligible need to enroll in. Active-duty Family members do not have an enrollment fee and are automatically enrolled after filling out the enrollment form. Retirees pay $282.60 per year for themselves or $565.20 for the entire family to receive healthcare. These rates are subject to change each fiscal year.

TRICARE Extra saves money, but it limits your choice of providers. You may only use authorized civilian providers. There is no enrollment process for TRICARE Standard or TRICARE Extra.

TRICARE Standard offers the most choice of providers at the highest cost. Family Members and retirees pay current deductibles and cost shares.

For more info go to

For more info on TRICARE go to one of the following websites:

STEP 3 - Clinic Enrollment

Active-duty service members are assigned to primary care clinics based on their units. Family members can be assigned to an on-post clinic or off-post medical home after they are enrolled in TRICARE Prime. Our primary care clinics are your entry point into the healthcare system. You are strongly encouraged to visit your primary care clinic for clinic orientation and in-processing.

TRICAREONLINE.COM (TOL) (TOL) links you and your family to healthcare services, resources, and information through a secure internet environment.

Registration on is easy.

  1. Go to
  2. Read the Online Privacy and Security Policy and click “I AGREE.”
  3. Click “Site Registration.”
  4. Click “Patient Registration Only (Beneficiary).”
  5. Read the disclaimer and click “I AGREE.”
  6. Follow the directions on the screen to complete your registration. provides a wealth of information and functionality, including the ability to:

  • Schedule appointments at any time.
  • View directions, maps, contact information, and clinic hours.
  • View TRICARE Programs such as dental and pharmacy services.
  • View your prescriptions and request refills.
  • Create your own personal health journal.

Important TRICARE Numbers:

TRICARE Information Service (Beneficiary & Program Information) 888-363-2273
DMDC Support Office (DEERS eligibility) 800-538-9552
TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery 866-363-1303
TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Program 866-363-1303
MHS Helpdesk (Technical problems) 800-600-9332/210-767-5250 (direct)


Areas of Responsibility: Womack Outpatient Medical Records maintains the outpatient medical records for all beneficiaries who receive their care at any Womack specialty clinic. If you receive your care at any of our outpatient clinics, your outpatient medical records are maintained at those locations.

Requesting copies of records: Outpatient medical records are retired three years after a patient’s last recorded clinic visit. Patients must show their identification card when requesting copies of their records. The Privacy Act and HIPAA prohibits parents from picking up the medical records of children who are over the age of 18 without written permission and an identification card.

Request for records transfer: Records may not be hand-carried according to current laws and Department of Defense policy. If you require a records transfer, contact your servicing medical records room for instructions on how to transfer your records to the new location.


To make a primary care appointment, patients should call the central appointment line at 907-APPT (2778), call their assigned clinic, or visit See clinic information on the following pages for clinic phone numbers.

The central appointment line is open weekdays, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To book a specialty appointment, you must first receive a referral from your primary care provider, then call the TRICARE appointment line at 877-TRICARE to book your appointment.

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment for any reason, please remember to call 907-CNCL (2625) to cancel your appointment. If you’ve forgotten your appointment information, you can also call this line to hear upcoming appointments up to 45 days in advance.


All primary care appointments available over the phone are also available online. Just visit and register. Once you’re logged in, click on “Appointments,” then select a “Visit Reason,” followed by “View Available Appointments.” You can view all available appointments for your primary care manager and select one that meets your needs. You can schedule appointments at your convenience, without worrying about being put on hold.


Secure messaging, also sometimes referred to as Relay Health, is a web-based service that gives providers and patients the ability to communicate securely online. The interactive website allows you to initiate a consultation, receive preventive care reminders, send a note to the provider’s office, request prescription renewals and refills, request lab or test results, and request appointments. Unlike a phone conversation, it also provides an audit trail so patients and providers can view the entire message history.

You can sign-up for secure messaging at your primary care clinic during your next visit. It only takes a few minutes and it can potentially save you hours of time in the future.



The Nurse Advice Line is available to all TRICARE eligible patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 800-TRICARE (800-874-2273), option 1.

This service is at no cost to patients and helps you make informed decisions about self-care at home or when to see a healthcare provider.


The Womack Army Medical Center Emergency Department is for emergencies. An emergency is a medical, maternity or psychiatric problems that threatens life, limb or eyesight; or an injury/illness that causes severe pain or suffering. Examples may include: heart attacks, automobile injuries, poisoning, burns, injuries caused by violence, animal bites, broken bones, chest pains/shortness of breath and severe depression.

In an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room immediately.

Patients that come into the Emergency Department with non-urgent and non-emergent cases will be seen by a medical care provider after all urgent care cases have been seen. These patients might have a waiting time ranging anywhere from 45 minutes to many hours depending on the type of cases that are being treated.

If you’re not sure if your condition qualifies as a medical emergency, take advantage of the 24-hour Nurse Advice Line at 800-TRICARE (800-874-2273), option 1, with your urgent healthcare questions.


It is advisable to monitor Womack’s website at or the Womack Army Medical Center Facebook page for closings and delays. You may call 910-907-WEAT (9328). During inclement weather, the Emergency Department and Labor and Delivery will remain open. Patients with appointments impacted by a closure or delay will be rescheduled by their clinic, if necessary.



Location: Troop and Family Medical Clinic is located in Bldg. 2-1959 on Woodruff Street.
Phone 907-POPE (7673)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday & Training Holidays 0730-1630

Active Duty Sick Call
Air Force check in 0715
Army 0730-0800

Troop and Family Medical Clinic serves Airmen, Soldiers and Family Members from FORSCOM, USARC, the Air Force, as well as enrolled TRICARE Prime retirees and their Family members.


Location: Clark Health Clinic is located in Bldg. 5-4257 on Bastogne Street.

Phone 907-CLRK (2575)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 0800-1630
Friday 0800-1700

Active Duty Sick Call 0630-0730

Clark Health Clinic serves Soldiers and their Family Members from the 50th Signal Battalion, 20th Engineer Brigade, 3/4 Air Defense Artillery, and the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, as well as TRICARE Prime retirees and their Family members.


Location: Joel Health Clinic is located in Bldg. M-4861 on Logistics Avenue.
Phone 907-JOEL (5635)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 0800-1630
Friday 0800-1700

Active Duty Sick Call 0645-0715

Joel Health Clinic serves Soldiers and their Family Members from 1st Sustainment Command (Theater), 507th CSG and the U.S. Army Parachute Team, as well as TRICARE Prime retirees and their Family members.


Location: Robinson Health Clinic is located in Bldg. C-1722 at the intersection of Gruber Road and Longstreet.
Phone 907-8282

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Active Duty Sick Call 0645-0700

Robinson Health Clinic serves Soldiers and their Family Members from the 82nd Airborne Division, the 44th Medical Brigade and the 82nd Sustainment Brigade, as well as TRICARE Prime retirees and their Family members.


Location: The Family Medicine Residency Clinic is located on the first floor of Womack Army Medical Center at the All American Freeway entrance.

Main Clinic Line 907-8500
Medical Records 907-8380

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday & Training Holidays 0730-1630

Active Duty Sick Call 0630-0730

Soldiers assigned to WAMC Family Medicine Clinic include WAMC, DENTAC, MPs, MI, finance, Garrison and more, as well as Retirees enrolled in TRICARE Prime and their Family members.



Location: Fayetteville Medical Home is located in the Woodland Office Building on the second floor off Highway 401
(Raeford Road) in Fayetteville, N.C.
Phone 908-WOOD (9663)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700
Closed weekends and federal holidays

A community based clinic capable and staffed to provide a full range of family medicine within the medical home model. This clinic is staffed to see a maximum of 8,000 active-duty Family members.


Location: Hope Mills Medical Home is located in the Millstone Town Center in Hope Mills, N.C., on Camden road, one mile west of Highway 59.
Phone 908-HOPE (4673)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700
Closed weekends and federal holidays

A community based clinic capable and staffed to provide a full range of family medicine within the medical home model. This clinic is impaneled to see a maximum of 8,000 patients consisting of active-duty Family members.


Location: Linden Oaks Medical Home is located at 55 Centennial Parkway in Cameron, N.C., across from the Linden Oaks housing area off of Highway 87.
Phone 908-6257

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 0800-1700
Closed weekends and federal holidays

A community based clinic capable and staffed to provide a full range of family medicine within the medical home model. This clinic is staffed to see a maximum of 8,000 active-duty Family members.


Location: 3120 Loop Road, Fort Bragg close to WAMC & WTB
Phone 849-3466

Services Provided: We presently have Soldiers serving all over the world, including many from Fort Bragg. In the event that an injured Soldier requires long-term care, it is the policy of the Army to get the Soldier as close to their home base as possible for specialized medical care. However, the nearest military treatment facility could still be many miles away from the Soldier’s Family.

At Fort Bragg, Families of persons undergoing medical treatment at Womack Army Medical Center can stay at the house for a cost of $10 per night. This fee may be waived.


Location: Womack Health and Support Center, Beside WAMC
Phone 910-907-7869

Services Provided: FMBH will provide services related to managing spouse/partner/child abuse/neglect cases; behavioral health care to children and adolescents; marital/family issues. Clinical providers will apply an array of skills, such as clinical assessment/intervention, treatment, case management, advocacy, consulting, and referral services.


Phone 907-6778/643-1665/432-3662

Educate beneficiaries and helps them with TRICARE-related eligibility, enrollment, referral authorizations, and claims processing questions. Debt Collection Assistance Coordinator assists with confirmed debt collection due to unpaid TRICARE claims.


A Patient Representative is available at the hospital and at all of the outlying primary care clinics. The Patient Representative at Womack is located near the Information Desk on the ground floor, at the Reilly Road entrance and can be reached by calling 570-3345. If you need assistance at your primary care clinic, please see the Patient Representative at that clinic.

Clark Health Clinic 907-9629
Joel Health Clinic 907-9105
Robinson Health Clinic 907-9504
Byars Medical Clinic 570-3095
Obstetrics & Gynecology 907-8176
Emergency Department 907-7466
Family Medicine 907-6843
Inpatient Patient Representative
Maternal Child Health 643-2421
Medical/Surgical 907-7723


Womack’s Information Desk 907-6000/6292
Active Duty Family Dental Plan 866-984-2337
Admissions 907-7078
Advice Nurse 907-6877 or 800-TRICARE (874-2273), option 1
Allergy/Immunization Clinic 907-6662/7182
Appointment Line 907-APPT (2778)
Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)
Bragg West 908-6009
Bragg East 908-5957
82nd 908-5786
Audiology 907-6473
Behavioral Health 907-8679/6825
Beneficiary Counseling &
Assistance Coordinators 907-6778/6926
Blood Donor Center 396-9925
Breast Clinic 907-8383
Cardiology 907-9906
Care Authorizations (for active duty) 877-TRICARE
Chaplain 907-PRAY (7729)
DEERS Eligibility 800-538-9552
Emergency Department 907-7000
ENT/Audiology 907-6751
Exceptional Family Member Program 907-EFMP (3367)
Educational Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) Program 907-EDIS (3347)
Family Member Behavioral Health 907-7869
Fisher House 849-3466
Gastroenterology 907-7808
Hematology/Oncology 907-7511
Human Resources 907-6107
Information Desk 907-6000/9262
Inspector General 570-3406
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 907-6430/6431
Internal Medicine 907-8583/7462
Labor and Delivery 907-7563/7562
Military Personnel 907-7963
MRI 907-7966
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 907-7626
Neurology 907-6412
Occupational Health 396-2881
OB/GYN Advice Nurse 907–6249, option 2
OB/GYN Appointment line 907-8333
OB/GYN Clinic information 907-6249
Outpatient Pharmacy Refill Call-in 907-7676 or 888-316-8639
Ophthalmology 907-6423/6001
Orthopedics 907-6785
Outpatient Records 907-7179/7953
Pain Clinic 907-7209
Patient Administration Division (PAD) 907-7078/6864
Patient Representative 570-3345
Pediatrics/EFMP 907-7337
Pediatrics Ward 3 North 907-7114
Physical Exam Section 907-7639
Physical Therapy 907-6948
Podiatry 907-7763
Pregnant Soldier Wellness Program 907-9355/1049, option 2
Preventive Medicine 907-9355
Public Affairs/Marketing Office 907-7247
Public Health Nursing 907-9355
Radiology Services 907-7160/7966/8266
Red Cross 907-7124
Refractive Eye Surgery 907-6033/7620
Safety Office 910-907-SAFE (7233)
Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) 907-8993/9580
Social Work Services (Family Member Behavioral Health) 907-7869
Strep Throat Hotline 907-8737
TRICARE Service Center 877-TRICARE (874-2273)
TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery 866-363-1303
TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Program 866-363-1303
Tumor Registrar 907-8875
Urology 907-8393
(Army) Wellness Center 643-2101


Location: 230 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone 323-3377
Fax 483-4914

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 0800-1700
Friday by appointment

Services Provided: A non-profit organization that serves as a multi-service resource and advocacy Center, dedicated to helping women and men help themselves through our programs and services. The mission has always been to promote growth, productiveness and well-being through peer counseling, education, information, and advocacy programs. The Women’s Center works with other community agencies to achieve this goal, and has a solid history of helping women, men and families.



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