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The Fort Sill Easter Egg Hunt drew about 3,000 children and parents April 4, at noon to Butner Field. The annual event was co-sponsored by Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation and Corvias Military Living with participation from numerous community sponsors.


City of Lawton
Neighborhood Services Division
212 SW Ninth St.
Lawton, OK 73501 (580) 581-3467
The Neighborhood Services' mission is to maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment for Lawton residents by enforcing laws and codes targeted to structures, property maintenance, zoning, mobile homes and business inspections. The office is the place for "one-stop shopping" for complaint resolutions. Contact the office for complaint resolutions and to get more information about neighborhood associations, public agencies and other City of Lawton departments.



Public Safety

Police Departments
Lawton Police Department
10 SW Fourth St. 
Lawton, OK 73501 (580) 581-3500

Cache Police Department

520 W. C St. 
Cache, Oklahoma 73527 (580) 429-3381

Comanche County Sherriff's Office

315 SW Fifth St., #102
Lawton, OK 73501 (580) 353-4280

Crime Stoppers/Drug Busters of Southwest Oklahoma

(580) 355-4636

Fire and Rescue Lawton Fire Department

623 SW D Ave. 
Lawton, OK 73501 (580) 581-3291

Cache Volunteer Fire Department

602 S. Eighth St. 
Cache, OK 73527 (580) 429-8093

Comanche Nation Firefighters

1401 NE Lawrie Tatum Road
Lawton, OK 73507 (580) 355-2168

Medicine Park Volunteer Fire Department

East Lake Drive
Medicine Park, OK (580) 529-2825 

Family, Children and Childcare

Oklahoma Department of Human Services
2400 N. Lincoln Blvd. 
Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405) 521-3646
This statewide department manages a child care program that ensures trained supervision, nutrition and education for children while parents or caregivers are at work, in training or receiving an education. The department's website provides information about area providers, licensing and more. The child care program also monitors cases of children who are in danger of being abused, neglected or exploited. 

OKDHS Comanche County

2609 SW Lee Blvd. 
Lawton, OK 73505 (580) 250-3600
Abuse/Neglect Hotline (800) 522-3511

Child Support District Office

2 SE Lee Blvd., Second Floor
Lawton, OK 73501 (800) 522-2922


With all the major concerns of relocation, pets can sometimes get less attention and care than they're used to. Make sure any pet receives these essentials of care in your new home: 
Have your pet wear a collar and ID tag with your name and contact info. 
License your dogs and have your pets vaccinated for rabies. 
Remember to take your pet for regular checkups with a veterinarian. 
Remain patient and loyal with your companion during this adjustment period. 

Animal Services

City of Lawton Animal Welfare Division
2104 S. Sixth St. 
Lawton, OK 73501 (580) 581-3218
The Lawton Animal Welfare Division's mission is to ensure the public's health and safety by providing 24-hour animal welfare services, controlling wildlife and strays, and enforcing city ordinance and/or state statutes pertaining to animals. The division also maintains a facility where unwanted animals and strays can be brought to receive general care, nutritional needs, sanitary housing and when necessary, humane methods of euthanasia. Additional services include an animal adoption and redemption program and public education programs promoting the prevention of animal cruelty, humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.


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