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Ft Indiantown Gap Logistical Support


Building 19-101 (Co-located with Muir AAF)

The AASF #1 facility is one of the busiest in the nation. The facility is charged with providing full-time aviation support to the units of the Pennsylvania National Guard including, safety, maintenance, standardization and training. Located at Muir Army Airfield, the facility is charged with providing aviation maintenance services to the 28th Combat Aviation Brigade, Eastern Army Aviation Training Site as well as the Counter Drug Aviation Support program. Aircraft supported by the AASF #1 include UH-60 Blackhawk, CH-47 Chinook and UH-72 Lakota.

Call 717-861-9863


Building 25-39

The state-of-the-art ASP was completed in 2010 at a cost of $9 million. The ASP is staffed and equipped to handle Class V missions and is capable of storing all classes of ammunition and explosives. An Ammunition Holding Area is available. The Quality Assurance Surveillance Ammunition Specialist (QASAS) is available to assist with quality assurance and safety in the handling, storage and transport of all Class V materials. QASAS is available to provide military units training on the handling, transportation and storage of ammunition.

Call the QASAS for more information 717-861-9671


The Central Wash Facility has the capability to clean a wide variety of military vehicles, wheeled and tracked, with a newly upgraded system. The facility is equipped with a large tank wash, a smaller wash capable of handling three vehicles at once and a 10-station general wash facility. All water from the facility is recycled.

Call to make an appointment 717-861-2153


Building 12-140

The $20.8 million facility was completed in 2007 and offers Soldiers training here operator assistance and maintenance support for the vehicles, subsystems and weapons provided. The organization supports all units in the PAARNG, all Soldiers training at the 166th Regiment and any other organization training at FTIG. Prior coordination and approval from staff is required to ensure capabilities are thoroughly utilized and required assets are available. The UTES staff also provides training on many of the vehicle and weapons systems utilized.

Customers needing assistance can call 717-861-8834


PAARNG has two CSMSs that provide full two-level maintenance support to ground units. The mission of the CSMS is “to provide direct support (field maintenance) and general support (sustainment maintenance) maintenance on surface equipment to units/activities as specified by the G4-Surface Maintenance Manager (SMM).”

The CSMSs provide support for the 16 PAARNG Field Maintenance Shops (FMS), two Army aviation support facilities and the Unit Training Equipment Site (UTES), and is the nucleus for the state’s ground reset operations. As well as units/activities of the PAARNG, the PAARNG CSMSs support other federal agencies through Interservice Support Agreements and are reimbursed via Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR). The CSMS No. 1, located at FTIG, is ISO 9001-2008-certified and is one of only five National Guard states that participates in AMC’s National Maintenance Program (NMP). CSMS No. 1 (east) also is the site of USATA’s Northeast Regional Calibration Laboratory. CSMS No. 1 (east) offers automotive, heavy mobile, inspection, armament and small-arms repair, electronics (to include C4ISR repair), allied trade and recovery support to units training on or near FTIG. Units requiring maintenance support can request maintenance support through the PAARNG G4-SMMO via 717-861-8347/8348.


Fort Indiantown Gap has a bulk fuel storage facility at the aviation flight facility that can support fuel requirements during training missions. This facility has two fill stations that can support JAA fuel. The fill stations are equipped with preset gallon selections, dead man emergency switches and Scully overfill protection. The bottom loading points can support either the military dry break aircraft refueling adapter or the commercial D-1 adapter. These nozzles are for refueling the M978 HEMTT tankers, 5,000-gallon tank trucks and the TPU Beta pods.

Military tactical and nontactical vehicles can be refueled at a retail site in Area 10 that supplies JAA fuel and Area 6 has a refuel point for mo-gas and diesel fuel. Both feature a ProKee Fuelmaster system that is in use at many military installations. Both Area 10 and Area 6 facilities are open 24/7.

Call for more information 717-861-8526


Fort Indiantown Gap’s Prime Vendor supports the Pennsylvania Army National Guard mission by ordering rations for Soldiers. Additionally, the Prime Vendor supports all units, regardless of branch or component, training on Fort Indiantown Gap. Rations available include: fresh meal kits, shelf-stable meals, rapid prepared meals and “A” rations.

Call for more information 717-861-8230/8554


Fort Indiantown Gap’s USPFO’s Supply and Services Division, Food Service Section is here to assist all units with their food service needs. The Food Service Section strives to provide warriors with appealing and nutritious meals prepared using the highest standards in sanitation and atmosphere. Additionally, the Food Service Section provides assistance with ordering, receiving and storing, along with food service oversight, policy and guidance.

The Fort Indiantown Gap garrison has more than 20 Army-approved dining facilities designated for unit training use. Dining facilities are equipped with hardwired equipment, including refrigerators, ranges and ovens, grills, ice machines, flat-top griddles, coffee pots and cold-food containers. Additional equipment may be drawn from the warehouse. Please see the section on Class II Issue.

At present, Fort Indiantown Gap does not have a transient dining facility. Units without organic food service support should coordinate with the Food Service Section to obtain a list of caterers from which units can choose. Caterers are able to provide a variety of meals to troops and may be able to, with coordination, transport meals to the field.

Call for more information 717-861-8230/8554


Building 11-91

The USPFO’s warehouse provides Class II service to all units, regardless of component or branch, conducting training on the installation. Items the warehouse can assist in acquiring for units on loan or via purchase include cots, linen, cleaning supplies, food service items and various other types of field equipment needed. Pennsylvania units are responsible for providing their own Class II items. Non-Pennsylvania Army Guard units need a MIPR to utilize the facility.

Call 717-861-2276


Building 11-7

Fort Indiantown Gap’s Training Support Center provides customers with more than $175 million worth of the latest and greatest live, virtual and constructive training simulations on the East Coast. The TSC provides a full spectrum of realistic training devices and training enablers to include a large variety of graphic training aids, i.e., Protractors, Tenino Training Maps Find Your Way and Weapons Layouts just to mention a few. Live, virtual and constructive training devices can be scheduled in RFMSS through the Training Site Command. Training devices available to enhance training; EIDES, IWS MILES Gear, CFFT 1:30, EST 2000, FATS IV, VCOT, ODS, HEAT & MRAP Rollover, CCTT Tank & Bradley, Dismounted Soldier, VBS 2, MRAP-VVT, C-AGTS, LMTS and much more for low-density training for medical, BRM and OPFOR weapons. Additionally, the Training Support Center has made a CD available for all customers to take back to their home station to use in planning their next training event. The CD includes all training aids available in the state. Currently the TSC has new instructor operators that help facilitate your training needs prior to drawing the equipment out. The Training Support Center looks forward to supporting your training requirements.

Reference: DA Pam 350-9 Index and Description of Army Training Devices, TRADOC 350-9 Training Devices for Army-wide use and DA Pam 25-37 Index for Graphic Training Aids.

Call 717-861-2155/2920


Building 11-6

The motor pool provides a limited selection of General Services Administration (GSA) vehicles (vans and buses) that are available for units conducting official government business. All drivers must have a valid civilian or military driver’s license, have completed an authorized Defensive Driving Course and have a bus driver’s license prior to the issue of a vehicle. A MIPR is required. Call for rates and availability.

Call 717-861-2440/6743/2440


Building 11-67

Moving large amounts of equipment and personnel for a training event or mobilization can be challenging. Fort Indiantown Gap’s USPFO’s transportation branch can assist with the process. The office assists with freight movements, container management, convoy requests, special hauling permits and contracts, as well as providing commercial transportation services to units (buses and air) and supporting mobilizations with commercial transportation.

Call 717-861-8301


The Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) is a method for transferring funds among U.S. military organizations. PAARNG is on the General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) with a fiscal year ending Sept. 30. A MIPR is processed on a DD Form 448. MIPRs must be submitted 90 days prior to the training event. MIPRs for linen, portable latrines, gray water storage and removal, Class I Subsistence, Class II miscellaneous supplies, Class III fuel, Class IX repair parts and GSA vehicles go through DCSLOG G4 Budget at 717-861-2418/3946/8246. MIPR for base facilities is 717-861-6796.


Internet access is available at Fort Indiantown Gap for both official and personal computers. Most buildings are wired for official internet. Wi-Fi is available in all buildings for personal use at a small charge.

Official: PAARNG units should fill out a Form 2700 and return it to the J6 office. For non-PAARNG government-issued computers, an information packet must be filled out and computers must be scanned. The process should begin a minimum of 90 days prior to arriving at FTIG.

Call 717-861-2899

Personal: An AAFES pay-for-use wireless internet service is available throughout FTIG. This service is available on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. A fee schedule is available at the Billeting Office. Additionally, free Wi-Fi is offered at the recreational center in Area 13 of the Box Car Cafe, a coffee shop at the Community Club in Area 9.

Call 717-861-2899


A full range of telephone services is available, including issuing and replacing phones, installing and moving phones, and modifying and creating phone numbers. A MIPR is needed for non-Pennsylvania Guard units.

Call 717-861-2899


Copiers are available for temporary issue for both Pennsylvania Guard and other agencies. Reproduction services are available through administrative services.

Call 717-861-2899


Users are able to request radio frequencies through the telecom office.

Call 717-861-8142


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