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Celestial Astral Touch®
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I offer alternative chronic pain management solutions for most every need by utilizing single plan healing solutions or a combined treatment plan. I also specialize in the treatment of Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD and Grief due to any loss.

I’m highly intuitive and insightful with my healing modalities and implement the S.O.A.R. (Surrender, Observe, Allow and Release) principles, designed specific for empaths struggling with emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Through my holistic consulting, healing modalities and coaching strategies, I will assist you with learning many essential tools and techniques for breaking cycles and behavioral patterns you’re not aware of repeating that block you from your fullest potential and leaving your Mind, Body and Spirit light as a Feather!

Pricing Plans are available. If you have a physician referral you receive additional discounts!

You can now find me in Clarksville for Special Events and Reiki Classes all Levels at the Upstairs Emporium.

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