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We believe that people could get into credit problems by themselves or by the influence of others who were not properly educated about credit or finance. Whenever a client signs up for credit restoration services, I feel more energized to go and find more clients just like that one who signed up because I know I can help more people and provide better service. 

It is easy to fall into credit and financial problems, especially when illness or a job loss affects a family. Especially easy to fall into this category are the single-income households, who live paycheck to paycheck, and struggle to buy necessities.

 These are often single income households with children. Decisions made are often based on the needs of the children versus the needs of the parents. Each month is a balancing act between food, clothing and shelter and trying to balance some fun which might not exist in a single-income household family with children. More difficulty is involved when one of the parents is chronically ill.

 What makes our clients unique is that they are hardworking, educated and often looking for answers for their problems. They believe in what can be done and they are willing to take calculated risks for a better future. 

We can work with men, women, married, with or without children. They do not need to have any credit knowledge in order to succeed in the credit restoration program. What makes the clients ready to work with us is that they are tired of being “broke”, struggling each month and they know there is a way out, supposing they find the right person to help them. They are not looking for a handout or free advice to “do it myself”. They have tried other services which did not help them and they are tired of trying to do this by themselves. They want to be able to focus their time and attention on other more enjoyable activities. They also understand the need to pay a professional to get them to the next level in their lives. Oftentimes, they have milestone goals of buying a home, refinancing, or buying a new car, or getting rid of debt in general. They are looking for the “real deal” to help them make a permanent change in their financial situation. Creditcure is the “real deal” and we only ask that client’s allow themselves the necessary time to make it happen.

I inform clients that the credit restoration process is a team effort and is not a quick fix. I need them to give themselves a fair chance at success, 180 days for this credit restoration process. If they cannot agree to subscribe to a credit monitoring service (pay to a third party) every month and to pay the monthly fee for our services, for up to six months, we cannot proceed to sign a contract. Clients understand that our services are regulated by federal and State laws and a contract must be in place before we do any work. Clients will also know that because the company is licensed and bonded, we cannot offer any guarantees.


Some common problems of clients:

1) considering bankruptcy

2) behind or close to being behind on paying their debts

3) high interest rates are eating up their payments to the credit cards

4) they did not qualify to buy a home or refinance

5) tired of feeling “broke”

6) ready to make a permanent change and not get back into this debt cycle again


They are feeling like a loser, not making enough money to take care of their family and don’t know how to get out of this problem. 

This problem is so bad because all the money that they are earning is going into the bills and depleting their savings. Oftentimes, they do not have an emergency fund or reserves for emergencies.

This problem causes disputes between spouses and tension within the family. Children are also worried about their livelihoods and a secure household.

They are afraid of losing everything (home, family, friends, etc.). They feel like there’s no way out of the debt that was easy to get into.

The worst part of this problem for clients is that they did not go to the right people, they tried to fix the problems themselves, but the problem got worse and they had already spent a bunch of money. The cycle continues and they get into more debt because the interest rates are so high and they are not making enough money to cover everything. 

Clients’ first level result is the hope that I can magically make the problems disappear by calling creditors for them. 

The first level results are that I tell clients what to do, step by step.

 The clients can see that I will free up the time that they would have otherwise used to do this themselves (at least 10 hours a month).

 They can use that time for other projects, another job or continue working on their business ventures. 

To get used to the fact that someone else is taking care of this headache, clients feel more at ease and trust the process. They know from the beginning it could take up to 180 days, so their expectations are set already at 180 days to see a reasonable outcome. With that being said, do not expect any results before 180 days. 

It is possible that after they are in the credit restoration program for three months, they would feel comfortable telling their friends about our services. We rely on client’s word-of-mouth referrals when we are doing a good job because we know that we can help more people instead of putting more time into advertising. 

I am a financial and credit specialist who works with clients struggling to get out of credit problems and feel as though they are losers because they are “broke”. They are tired of wasting their money on other programs and companies that do not have the genuine interest to help them. They are frustrated that they keep coming back to the same problem, sometimes worse. They are ready to stop this cycle and finally experience a lifestyle free from financial worry. I look forward to working with you.

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