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Gifts for all people to feed
the mind and spirit.
As our gift selection is one-of-a-kind and ever-changing, be sure to visit Rainbow Stew often for gifts for loved ones or a special “something” for yourself. 
We do special orders and are happy to help you find the item you want! 
We have an extensive event calendar and rooms available for those interested in teaching classes or seminars. Give us a call or visit our store today. Our gifts aren’t limited to artwork, as we also offer a wide selection of books, candles, incense, cards, fashion jewelry and more. 
There’s no telling what you may find to give to that acquaintance or loved one. We also do special orders.
 Available gifts and products
• Artwork
• Jewelry
• Books
• Incense & Candles
• Sage, Herbs, Salves, Lotions, Oils & Sprays
• Crystals & Stones
• Cards
• Children’s amusements
• So much more!
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