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Being married to a program manager of companies in the defense industry has given our family the opportunity to move about 10 times over the past 34 years…luckily we are back to stay! The constant buying and selling of our personal homes played a big factor in my decision to become a realtor when we moved back home to Charleston. Let’s be honest, practice makes perfect (or I should say a whole heck of a lot better!) and in the beginning we made a LOT of mistakes. From picking the right location, assessing potential appreciation and resale and/or rental opportunities, financing options, etc., these were just of a few hugely important homebuying decisions that we wish an informed and qualified realtor would have helped us to make…especially knowing our situation of short term stays. Those are exactly the same factors that come into play with a military relocation. Having two sons in the military, I am very familiar with the constant 2 year relocation as well as the increased or decreased BAH allowance that certainly affects the housing choice. I am so privileged to be partnered with Dominick Antonino of Family First Funding who is a true expert in finding the perfect way to fund your mortgage loan with an abundance of options and downpayments and one of the best VA loan rates of any lender! Let Dom and I use our knowledge and constant communication with you to make this experience as seamless as possible for this next important investment in your future!


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