Comic creator sets up shop at Comic-Con to collect super heroes for America’s heroes

Comic creator sets up shop at Comic-Con to collect super heroes for America’s heroes

Comic-Con International will draw hordes of pop-culture entertainment fans to downtown San Diego this week. Anne Elizabeth, a local comic book creator and author with ties to the military, will be collecting action figures and comics to donate to deployed service members. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

By Jamie Rogers

The streets of downtown San Diego will be packed with super heroes as the city hosts the 2017 Comic-Con International convention July 20-23. One of them will be a local comic book creator, whose efforts will bring a bit of escape to the real-life heroes of our armed forces.

Anne Elizabeth — an award-winning author and comic creator with ties to the military — will be inside Comic-Con’s giant Exhibit Hall at the San Diego Convention Center. While promoting her comics and books at Booth 2201, she’ll also be coordinating a mission to send comic books and action figures to operational-deployed service members. Elizabeth is asking convention-goers to donate items for the cause by dropping them off at her booth.

For those deployed, comic books can provide a connection to entertainment back home or simply to other comic book fans.

“Comics do this amazing thing of taking you on journeys that are really unexpected,” Elizabeth said. “They can entertain, they can amuse and they can really make you think.

“I definitely think all of us need those moments when you just disconnect and you have that pure bliss.”

Elizabeth is the creator of comics such as “Pulse of Power” and “The Pendulum,” which feature strong women characters in supernatural storylines. The comics have made several appearances on the popular TV sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” She is also the author of a series of romantic fiction, which features Navy SEALs and the extraordinary women who capture their hearts. For those novels, Elizabeth doesn’t need to look far for inspiration or consultation. Her husband, with whom she lives with in the hills outside San Diego, is a retired member of a Navy SEAL Team.

Even though attending Comic-Con International as a vendor requires hauling loads of materials, not to mention months of preparation, Elizabeth says all the hard work is worth it when the convention rolls around.

“It’s a lot of fun; we love it,” she said. “It’s hard to complain when you love what you’re doing.”

For more information about Elizabeth and her comics and books, visit her website at

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