National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide

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         Welcome to the NATIONAL ALLIANCE TO END VETERAN SUICIDE®The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 20-22 Veterans per day die from suicide. This is one loss every 65 minutes, totaling 8,030 deaths per year, nearly 20 percent of all suicides in the United States. The biggest age spikes are around 60 years old (our Vietnam era Veterans) and 18-25 (our recent Veterans).OUR MISSIONTo end Veteran suicide in our nation through our focus areas of education, research, resource provision, and community collaborations.OUR VISIONTo create a network of committed, trained, and recognized volunteer champions actively engaged in addressing the alarming concern of suicide deaths among Veterans. We will impact this concern and provide resources to Veterans, Families and Survivors through the main focus areas of the Alliance. #ShowUsYour22 - Turn 22 into Positive ActionWe encourage everyone to join our campaign 'Show Us Your 22'. Based on the fact that 22 Veterans per day take their own lives, what actions can we do as a community using the number 22 (per hour, day, week or year) to have an impact on Veteran Suicide?Click here to learn more on #ShowUsYour22. Blankets For HopeJoin us for our 7th annual Blankets For Hope winter event across the nation.Click here learn moreChampions    Veterans    Focus Areas    Events    Donate Now!       
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