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      Welcome to Operation: Red Dot Real Estate. This is a place where Real Estate takes on a whole new face. We aren't passively in this market, and we know you aren't either! We live by proven models, especially when it comes to customer service. Let me be very clear. To us, you are not a number, you are not a paycheck, you are not just a folder with a name on it. Here, your interests are our interests. Plain and Simple. We hire military veterans here at this Operation, there's a reason for that. People who have been a part of the military were engrained with a certain mentality that gives us a unique lens to see life through. We directly served our country, we all contributed to the “mission” that supported the bigger picture. In our case, that bigger picture was the freedom of our country. Sure, for us, the battle is over. We’re not actively supporting the wars going on across the world, we hung up our battle gear, and transitioned into the civilian world. The thing is, a lot of the things that made us successful in the military also make us successful in Real Estate. Let me break this down. In a live Operation, there’s a few key categories that make all the difference: 1. Information: What is our area of operation? Who are the players within our area? What resources do we have in our area? In order to be successful, we understand the scope of what we’re dealing with. We know our area well, we know who else is in our area, and we always leverage our resources to offer our clients a complete real estate package. We are very analytical people. We use statistics and information to identify trends, and uncover information that other agents and firms often look past. Put simply: If you have all the information, you have all the power to make the most appropriate decision!2. Communication: This one is big. I can’t tell you how often I hear people talk about experiences they’ve had with other agents. Response times all the way up to 48 hours, difficult to get a hold of, several miscommunications, etc. In Real Estate, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! There are dozens, and in some cases hundreds of people in our area of operation that want the same thing you do. I’ve personally seen houses get listed, and they haven’t even pounded the FOR SALE sign in the front yard and it’s already received multiple offers. How are you supposed to compete with that if you have an agent that isn’t available? We know that in order to be successful in this industry, real time information is the competitive advantage our clients need to be successful in their mission. We work 7 days a week. You are never going to send us an email, a text message, or give us a phone call only to be ignored. We respond to communications within 2 hours, guaranteed.3. Strategy & Operations: We have information, and we have communication. Those 2 factors feed our strategy and Operations. If you’re buying, proven strategies are used to connect you with a house that meets your needs, and your budget. If you’re selling a home, a proven strategy is enacted to connect you with real buyers. If you're renting, it's about finding the right place, for the right price, in the right area, and LOCKING IT DOWN! It doesn’t matter what you need, we've built systems and models that can effectively handle any request, and do it in the quickest most efficient way. We all live by a mentality that allows us to control more of our outcomes.90% PREPARATION – 10% EXECUTIONWe Plan, Prepare, then Execute (With assessments at each level).4. Adapt and Overcome: This is another big one. No matter how solid our plan or model is, there are always factors out of our control. If you’ve got an agent that is so stuck on their plan, then when something goes wrong the whole plan can fall apart, and you could be left in the dust. In a real Operation, things go wrong all the time. We are used to wrenches being thrown at us, and we are trained to respond in a calm, and calculated way. This is why we live by the “Adapt and Overcome” motto. It serves you and your needs far better than allowing yourself to get beat up by external factors!5. Every Mission is Different: Although our area of operation doesn’t change, and the players often stay the same, every purchase and sale of Real Estate is unique, like a fingerprint. We customize the strategy to your particular situation, and we build a plan around the path that will lead to the success of our mission. There is nothing general about you. So there will be nothing general about our plan for you to get your mission accomplished!If you are thinking about buying, selling, or renting a house, I encourage you to set up a consultation. This meeting is an opportunity for us to show you how seriously we take your mission, and how dedicated we are to putting your interests above our own. We honorably served our country… now we’d be honored to serve you!
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