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We are a veteran owned business. I have over 20 years in transportation business and my MOS was transportation management in the Army.We are a full service travel agency that creates domestic and international travel iteneraries. We can perform Individual,  group or business travel services.We are very familiar with ongoing and current military travel discounts.We waive our agent research fees for anyone that actually books travel with us.We are knowledgeable with Disney packages, all inclusive resorts, cruises, air, car, and hotel accommodations.  We are knowledgeable in destination weddings/ honeymoons, family reunions,  and charity group events.Our concierge services include; sporting events, festivals,  concerts, VIP Celebrity events, golfing packages, and children events.We have a honorable program called thanku4yourservice- we share military events and travel discounts.We have access to joint base Lewis mcchord for in person intakes.

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Lock in your NBA hotel and Air accommodation now while the pricing is a great deal. I have pricing for Feb 13-17 for better pricing than packages with only Feb 15-17, 2019. Act now and get you double occupancy rates now with deposits as low as 250.00 and balance due Dec 2019. inbox for quote and get yourself locked in. Ticket pricing for 300 level baseline and all the events for $1500.00, All star night, skill challenge, slam dunk, three point shoot. These prices are going up and other vendors have the same package for 2 times the price. The air pricing is rising each month, so lock in your accommodations now and lock in your payment plan. Seats are selling fast..... or inbox me A MUST SEE... CLICK FOR THE TOUR If you are ready to do something over the top and special for your birthday or family reunion this resort is a must see. they have everything from suites to 3 bedroom presidential suites for families. We have some amazing promotions going on right now... so get your special event on the books. Lock your deal with a deposit and payment plan. For our Over 50 people this is perfect to put on your bucket list... you deserve it! or inbox for more quote

Signature 1 bedroom Presidential Suite with Personal Assistant. Hardrock Punta Cana has some amazing perks with their packages. Perfect for those who love luxury and desire service. Now booking: or inbox for quote!

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