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Piano Classes for ages 5+ 2017-2018 School Year Piano Classes start September 7th! Enroll now! To Register for piano classes, please use our registration form hereLearn to play the Piano in a fun, entertaining, and exciting class setting!I specialize in beginning piano classes. Classes are fun and students enjoy the music and new friends they make!Why Group Classes?For centuries, piano was taught only in private settings. Pianos are big, heavy, expensive, and loud! But kids learn other activities in classes; karate, gymnastics, math, languages, band, chorus, cooking, etc... So why not piano?!? With today's digital technology, piano are smaller, lighter, realistic, and volume-controlled! Now it is possible to have several different pianos playing at the same time!   How much are classes?The entire 32-week year breaks down to $25 per class - at par with other quality teachers in the Watertown area. The entire class year is 32 weeks from September through May. In addition, we give you 2 FREE classes that can be used for missed classes without loss. Do I need a piano at home?Yes. In order to progress in piano, daily practice is required at home. A quality instrument at home is best, rather than a Craigslist piano for free or little money requiring a significant amount of money to make playable, and some are too far gone to be useful. For military families, moving is an issue with weight requirements.Where are you located?The studio are located at 50 Public Square, Downtown Watertown, in the newly-restored historic Franklin Building atrium.ContactHours are by appointment only and for scheduled class times.Phone: (315) 408-3386 (Please leave a message to ensure your call is returned.)or Email Jason When is My Child Ready for Lessons? - Click to Read We do activities and play games! This helps reinforce the musical concepts.
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