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The Friendliest Vacation Spot for Nature-Loving FamiliesWelcome to Cadiz, the friendliest little town in all of Kentucky.  We’re glad you decided to stop by. We know you’ll love what we love about Cadiz—the charm of main street, the slower pace of life, the safe kid-friendly great outdoors—but we hope that during your visit you find something that speaks to you and keeps you coming back season after season.  Our back yard is an angler’s paradise. Cadiz sits on the shores of Lake Barkley, and all year long you’ll overhear the story of the one that got away or see a photo of the one that didn’t. The lake is literally our region’snatural beacon, not just for hunters and fisherman, but conference attendees and families looking for a fun, affordable and safe place to give kids a memorable vacation experience. Nearby, Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area keeps the outdoor fun going strong with hundreds of miles of trails tailor-made for hiking, mountain biking, or ATVing. If you say the word, “educational” within ear’s shot of the kids, they might do that ungrateful grunt noise they sometimes make, but when you take them to the Woodlands Nature Station, it’s a whole different story. They’ll learn about the critters that inhabit our forests – even get to pet a hummingbird or witness a vulture chow on some raw poultry if you land here in the right season. Also, give them the chance to step back in time and take a peek at life here in the 1850s at the Homeplace, a living-history farm.All around our fair town is the farmland that has sustained our community for generations. We don’t take ouragricultural heritage lightly, and in our restaurants, you’ll find locally caught fish, fresh-picked vegetables and farm-raised beef and pork. Pay a visit to our Farmers’ Market and taste for yourself the bounty of farms small and large; buy Amish-made jams, jellies, and baked goods; and go home with a bag full of the freshest produce you can find. And every October we celebrate our hog history with the Trigg County Country Ham Festival, a two-day affair for all ages that’s keeping the tradition of curing hams alive and well.  Invite Your Friends to Cadiz Ham Fest always delivers plenty for the entire family to do: great food, carnival rides, petting zoo, and live entertainmentTake a peek in the shops and galleries along Main Street Cadiz. We think you’ll be pleasantly impressed with the eclectic reserve of all sorts of treasures and finds—may it be a who-ever-woulda-guessed-that-was-here collectible or something handcrafted, like wooden toys, metal figurines or soaps, perfect for gifts. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our award-winning antique stores, then you’ll just have to time your visit around the 400-mile Yard Sale, an epic yard sale that line Kentucky’s scenic Highway 68 for four days each June, passing right through Cadiz.Whether you’re coming up to fish in Lake Barkley or fish for a nostalgic antique in one of the downtown antique shops, you’ll find Cadiz easy to reach. Highway 68 runs right by downtown, and we’re only a few miles off I-24. Hopkinsville is 20 miles east; Fort Campbell is only 31 miles southeast; and Music City, Nashville, Tenn., is less than 90 minutes away via I-24. Share This Page  Cadiz itself is easy to navigate and the restaurants,shops, and hotels are adjacent to Main Street and convenient to the interstate. If you’d like a little more solitude, on the outskirts of town and on the shore of Lake Barkley you’ll find Lake Barkley State Resort Park and Lodge and Prizer Point Marina. Staying at Lake Barkley or Prizer Point means plenty for the kids to do—hiking, arcades, biking, fishing, boating, you name it—and plenty of opportunities to unwind and slow yourself to that Cadiz pace that makes this place so comfortable.  Come experience Cadiz for yourself and see why folks return year after year. You may even find you like it here enough to move in. If that’s the case, we’re always looking for new neighbors and we’d be glad to have you. So, welcome to Cadiz. Look around, make yourself at home, and if you need anything, just ask. Welcome all you Foodies to Cadiz! Welcome to Cadiz, Kentucky, one of the most surprising towns you’ll find in the Bluegrass State. Located on the shores of Lake Barkley, east of its sister, Kentucky Lake, and just a stone’s skip from Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, we’re a sportsman’s paradise, there’s no doubt.  But Cadiz is so much more than that – we’re home to some of the best antique shopping in Western Kentucky, and families flock here every day of the year. No matter what calls you to Cadiz, one thing’s for sure: you’ll need a bite to eat. Fortunately, Cadiz offers a range of cuisines that satisfy, from country cooking to Indian to milkshakes that’ll keep you coming back for more. Download This Foodies Guide Here (PDF)   Windows On The Water 3500 State Park Rd, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 924-1131 (at Lake Barkley State Resort Park) The glass-­walled dining room of Windows on the Water look out over beautiful Lake Barkley and is ideal for breakfast or  lunch and simply stunning for a sunset supper. Try the breakfast buffet for a little bite of everything or order from the  menu and try the filling Commonwealth Country Ham Platter, a dish guaranteed to please. Lunch and dinner feature an assortment of sandwiches and burgers, but also a catfish platter and the Kentucky Hot Brown -­ a regional delicacy that features baked country ham, turkey, cheese sauce, tomatoes and bacon over toast points – two dishes worth a try. GOCADIZ LISTING  Reva’s Place Down Home Cookin’ 65-B Main St, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 522-0806 Any day of the week, you’ll find the early birds in Reva’s Place for a bit of breakfast that will stick with you all day long. As good as breakfast maybe, you’ll find the dining room at Reva’s absolutely buzzing on Friday nights for the Friday Night Fish Fry. The Fish Fry keeps the kitchen busy as they cook up all the fish the diners can eat in true country buffet style. GOCADIZ LISTING Reva’s Potato Soup   Porky’s Pit Bar-B-Que  2031 Canton Rd, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 350-8870 Nothing defines regional food like barbecue. From Texas style brisket to North Carolina whole hog to smoked chicken to mutton, the style varies state-­to-­state and even county-­to-­county. No matter where your barbecue loyalty lies, you can’t go wrong with Porky’s Pit Bar-­B-­Que. The menu features ribs, pulled pork, chicken, even barbecued bologna, plus all the sides, and no matter what you order, you’ll taste the smoke and the rub that Porky’s uses to flavor everything that hits the pit. And don’t forget the sauce; one taste of their hot or mild sauce, and you’ll be ready to bring a jar home for yourself. GOCADIZ LISTING Ferrell’s Snappy Service 2021 Main St, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 522-3418 Ferrell’s is a Cadiz institution. Serving burgers here for more than 75 years, they’ve got the short-­order game down pat. Whether it’s two eggs over easy with hash browns or a double bacon cheeseburger and fries, they’ll whip it up in no time flat. They’re open 24-­hours, so whenever you get a hankering for pancakes, a hamburger, a cup of coffee or a slice of pie, they’re here for you. GOCADIZ LISTING     Cadiz Restaurant 324 Main St, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 522-5009 The staff – and the menu – at Cadiz Restaurant will make you feel right at home. Whether you come in for a biscuit, a quick lunch, a down-­home dinner or the weekend breakfast buffet, you’ll find the food here comforting and familiar. Regionally known for their Friday and Saturday’s fried catfish, the biscuits are especially something special – and no matter what you ordered, it’s easy to imagine your grandma in the kitchen dishing up plate after plate to the patrons here. GOCADIZ LISTING  House of Spice Sports Bar and Grill 1120 Canton Rd, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 522-0560 No one expects to find Indian food – especially Indian food this good – in a small town in Western Kentucky, yet here in Cadiz, House of Spice delivers authentic, flavor-­-packed dishes alongside a menu of traditional American pub grub. No matter if it’s Chicken Tikka or a Philly Cheesesteak you’re after, the kitchen at House of Spice will make you a meal you won’t soon forget. Add to this a great beer selection and nightly specials and you have a new favorite in the making. GOCADIZ LISTING   SEE OUR ENTIRE RESTAURANT DIRECTORY Share This Page     The Fishing Hole 9 Goose Hollow Rd, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 522-0123 Not far from Prizer Point, The Fishin’ Hole has earned a reputation as a great place for weekend breakfast and a fried pork  tenderloin sandwich you have to taste to believe. Lunch and dinner, you’ll find burgers, a delicious three-­cheese patty melt, a Philly cheese steak and that fried pork tenderloin sandwich that’s oh so good. They also serve up pizzas and have a limited beer selection. But most importantly, they make a mean milkshake and an even better root beer float. GOCADIZ LISTING El Bracero Mexican Restaurant 80 Merchant St, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 522-7555 El Bracero is one of Cadiz’s most popular restaurants, and for good reason: great Mexican food at a great price. More than just your typical Mexican restaurant, El Bracero has made-­to-­order guacamole, surprising seafood dishes like shrimp or fish Tacos Yucatan, giant burritos, and some of the best salsa verde you’ve eaten. The service is quick, the food hot, and the price right. GOCADIZ LISTING   The Pier (at Prizer Point) 1777 Prizer Point Rd, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 522-3762 For breakfast, lunch or dinner on the water, it’s hard to beat The Pier, the floating restaurant at Prizer Point Marina. With views of the lake from just about every seat in the restaurant and a menu that’s familiar, affordable and flavorful, the kitchen at The Pier stays busy. Give their burgers a try. Hand pattied and seasoned as close to perfectly as it gets, they’re great, especially when you top one with fried pickle chips or fresh jalapeno peppers. Speaking of fried pickles, order a basket for the table with extra chipotle ranch sauce; you won’t regret it. GOCADIZ LISTING  Cap’n Jim’s Grill (at Lake Barkley Marina) 4200 State Park Road, Cadiz, KY 42211 (270) 924-0029 If you’re looking for a restaurant on the water that serves up giant burgers with pretzel buns, nachos piled so high you’ll worry about an avalanche, ribs, milkshakes and a good selection of beer and wine, look no further than Cap’n Jim’s Grill. Here you’ll also find The Shipwreck, a truly impressive burger – two half-­pound patties covered in cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce and fried onions – that’s so big, you may have to split it with a friend. While you have your hands full with The Shipwreck, keep the kids occupied with some chicken tenders or a grilled cheese, then top off the meal with a milkshake or, if you have room, a sundae. GOCADIZ LISTING   See The Complete Restaurant Directory   Share This Page Land Between the Lakes is for…  Family Travelers …looking for a bit more adventurous of a place to go this year where the kids can get up and close to lots of wild animals—and enjoy the lake to boot!  Weekenders The cabin fever stricken who know they can’t fight it any longer. They put down the remote and hit a trail or learn some jaw-dropping facts about this region!  Groups Discovery is more fun in groups: a few families, a school or church group, even a birthday party. More sets of eyes means you discover more!  Land Between the Lakes 100 Van Morgan Drive, Cadiz KY 42211   |   (800) 525-7077  LBL is the hotspot for nature-loving families and wildlife enthusiasts Check it out: Elk & Bison Prairie allows you to get up close Go back in time, to the settlers’ days, at Homeplace 1850s Camping, ATVing, Canoe Tours throughout the land Fun and Educational shows, even laser lights, at the Planetarium Owls, snakes, turkeys, eagles and more wildlife at the Nature Station Download the LBL Map with All The Various Attractions   Your adventure-seeking, take-to-the-woods side is calling, but so are your kids.  Maybe you just have the weekend off. Maybe school’s out and you have a little more freedom. But you’ve been itching to get out of the house, out of town, and into something more exciting. You’ve been looking for a better family excursion, a bigger adventure in the great outdoors. Land Between the Lakes, at 170,000 acres, is certainly bigger. So is the six-foot wingspan of the American Bald Eagle, a 700-pound bull elk, and a 2,000-poundbison. (Can you believe these things can hit 37mph?) A barn owl you can see right up close—along with many other birds and animals—at Land Between the Lake’s Nature Station.  If you’re an avid hiker, biker, bird-watcher, or big-game enthusiast, your next weekend getaway just got huge. Why not take the kids on safari?  Bring binoculars and a camera, not a gun, and catch the native herds of elk and bison as they graze in their protected, 700-acre preserve. It may be turning cold in fall, but it’s the perfect time to catch harems of female elk watch as the bulls wrestle each other for dominance. The clash of antlers and guttural bugling echoes through the nature preserve, and you watch it all from your car window.  The Woods are Open,Even in the Winter Winter is just as good—perhaps better’—considering the woods are more open. Without those leaves on every limb, you’ll simply be able to see more of the hulking bodies of elk and bison as they graze the forest floor for nuts leftover from fall. Here’s another great experience: Take a Winter tour of the lake by van or boat and look for the bald eagle, whose numbers have climbed greatly since being reintroduced to the park. You’re likely to fill entire memory cards getting perfect photo after perfect photo. You’ll not be disappointed with your birding adventure.  Share Land Between the Lakes With All Your Friends Right Now! Come spring and summer… …enjoy the gentle sight of elk calves with their mothers, young bulls with fresh velvet on their antlers, and bulls grazing in solitude. From midsummer to early fall, you’re likely to catch more entertainment from the usually sedentary bison—the rutting season causes the bulls to fight and wallow. A spectacle to be sure, but also a dangerous time to ignore park warnings. But whatever you do, do not approach the animals.  Love does crazy things to a big game animal in rut. Think this buck is from some National Geographic stock image collection? Guess again. This guy was out and about at Land Between the Lake’s Elk and Bison Prairie. If you’re not having the best of luck catching these animals in their protected habitats,there’s no shame in heading over to the Nature Station at Land Between the Lakes.   Kids, Moms, Dads, Grandpas and Grannies all gather ’round to watch one of the Vultures at the Nature Station feed on some raw chicken. Mmm. This is One ClassroomThe Kids Will Love With 8,500 acres of classroom, the naturalists at the nature station can give you tips on the best locations to go animal viewing or set you up with one of their excellent tours. Or, if you’re enticed by the beautiful facilities, you can stay for a whole day and enjoy up close visits with hawks, eagles, snakes, and bobcats. So what happened after Colonial Williamsburg? While at the Nature Station, you might be distracted by the distinct sound of braying mules, bleating sheep, or chisels being hammered. It’s Homeplace 1850, with enough to keep a family occupied for generations, literally. These images include scenes from some of the Nature Station and Homeplace 1850s. Colonial Williamsburg is probably the most popular historical attraction in the nation.  But after all the civilization and refinement of the Eastern US… then what? Well, people moved west!  You might too if you were promised a big ol’ plot of land! Homeplace 1850s is that pre-Civil-War-frontier period that was about hard work and turning solid forest into your family’s sustainable home. When you visit the fully operational homestead site, you’ll get the opportunity to plant crops, shear sheep, and learn plenty of practical skills from the 19th century. Kids can mold clay into a mug, make a few of those classic wooden toys, and even play long lost traditional field games with the other kids.  There’s hogs, log cabins, draft animals, and a part of yourself you never knew existed just waiting at Homeplace 1850.   So for… Moms who are interested in avoiding their kids’ brains going to mush in the summer (yet still having fun) A true family bonding experience, especially for fellow family members who love wildlife and animals (and to see them all up close) Those ready to get that IMAX kind of experience at a fraction of the cost Avid outdoors enthusiasts like Birdwatchers, campers, explorers, cyclists, and kayakers and canoers. Head to Land Between the Lakes. For its many outdoor activities, Land Between the Lakes is the perfect idea for an educational and fun family field trip. Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area 100 Van Morgan Drive, Cadiz KY 42211   |   (800) 525-7077 
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