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E Loans Mortgage is a Military Mortgage Bootcamp Trained company, our team of experts can help guide you through the process of buying a home using your VA Benefits. We do not charge Veterans origination fees, nor do we charge any junk fees or application fees. Our goal is to make sure you get the best deal, with the best service possible. Pre Approvals can typically be approved within 30 min or less.

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Before you go storming Area 51 and preparing to leave with the Aliens, get Pre Approved and buy a house for the family you’re leaving behind on earth! We can help #area51 #stormarea51 #buyahome #floridarealestate #mylenderisbetterthanyours #tampa

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads and to all the amazing single mom’s who are filling both rolls

The perfect home deserves the perfect mortgage, that’s why at E Loans Mortgage there’s never an application fee, nor a lock fee. Our mission is to save you the most money while making the buying process simple and fun! Click—> We’ve eliminated the junk fees big box banks charge, we’ve simplified the process and made it transparent. —-> We’re a small locally based FL Mortgage Lender without the bloated big box upper management salaries to pay, making us your best choice in Florida lending! Apply as easy as 1,2,3! Click—>

So we did a thing, after almost 20 years in the same location, we are moving! Super excited to announce The Future Home of E Loans Mortgage, People's Trust Realty and soon to be announced Trusted Title!

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