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Depression is the biggest predictor of substance abuse during pregnancy, according to new Canadian study of more than 25,000 expectant mothers. The study showed women with depression were about two and a half times more likely to use marijuana, and twice as likely to smoke or drink alcohol while pregnant. Researchers say depression was a bigger risk factor for substance abuse than education, income or age.

"A new study showed that regular exercise can help prevent the development of physical signs of Alzheimer's among those who are at risk of the disease. Presented at the ongoing annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Chicago from Aug. 8 to 11, the study showed that in a late-middle-age population at risk for Alzheimer's disease, physically active individuals can experience fewer age-related alterations in biomarkers associated with the disease." Is there anything exercise can't do?

For parents making this decision, here is a look at the evidence, cultural aspects, and ethics of newborn circumcision. "Newborn circumcision is a highly sensitive topic that evokes strong emotions in many people. We hope that the information in this article leads to mutually respectful conversations between those with diverse perspectives on circumcision. We understand that your own personal experiences and beliefs will inform how you take in this information, and we invite you to consider your emotional response and potential reaction to triggers when reading this article."

Do you use an app? But how accurate are FAM apps? What do users track? Is the information useful to women and their gynecologists? These questions are hard to answer for a simple reason: Neither visits nor app use have been systematically studied on a population level to determine and compare their accuracy in evaluating menstrual health and fertility in a meaningful way.

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