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At Truecare Physical Therapy, family comes first.We understand how important good family valuesare when relating to health and wellness. Meet ourfamily at Truecare Physical Therapy and you willwant to become part of our family as well.Our men in uniform are everyday heroes thatshould be recognized. In our time of need thesemen and women dedicate their lives to saving lives and giving hope to our future. That's why we proudly support Our First Responders.We honor those who have fallen fighting for ourfreedom. Men that have made the ultimatesacrifice for our country are truly our finest heroes.Our clinic is a proud supporter of the Green BeretFoundation and Wounded Warriors.True Care is a practice owned and directed by Raymond Popp, PT MPT Cert. SMT Cert. DN Osteopractor BS BBA, husband of Yunue Popp and father of their two sons, Antony and Max. Hours of operation:Monday-Thursday 7am-7pmFriday 6am-4pm True Care with true results...Services True Care provides the following services to its patients: Manual Therapy: Muscle energy, spinal maipulation Dry needling addressing musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries and dysfunctions Sports rehabilitation Core muscle strengthening Work hardening Balance and vestibular deficits Geriatrics Pediatrics WE ARE AN IN NETWORK PROVIDER   
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