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Commanding General's Hotline

Domestic Assault 24/7 Hotline:

Sexual Assault 24/7 Hotline:

Report an Unexploded Ordinance:

Barstow Welcome Center

Ft. Irwin Civilian Personnel Office

Barstow Civilian Personnel Office

Ft. Irwin Commissary

Barstow Commissary

Ft. Irwin Deployment and Mobilization

Ft. Irwin Exchange

Barstow Exchange

Barstow Legal Services and JAG

Ft. Irwin Information and Referral

Barstow Information and Referral

Ft. Irwin Loan Closet

Barstow Loan Locker/Loan Closet



Ft. Irwin Chaplain

Medical Appointments

Ft. Irwin ID cards/DEERS

Ft. Irwin Temporary Lodging

Ft. Irwin Housing Services Office

Ft. Irwin Child, Youth and Student Services

Ft. Irwin School Liaison Office

Ft. Irwin Dental

Ft. Irwin Family and MWR

Barstow Temporary Lodging

Barstow Housing Office

Barstow ID Cards

Barstow Chaplain

Barstow Base Duty Officer

Barstow MCCS

Barstow Child, Youth and Teen Programs

Barstow Base Operator

Barstow School Liaison Office

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Barstow Dental

Ft. Irwin Post Operator

Barstow Barracks

Ft. Irwin Welcome Center


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