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A key resource on your installation and a gateway to accessing all of the resources available to you, the Army Community Service provides information, support and services to help you balance the demands of family and the military lifestyle. The Army Community Service is one part of the overall installation family support system, which is the network of agencies, programs, services, partnerships and individuals that supports your personal and family life readiness, mobilization and deployment readiness, and mobility and economic readiness. The Army Community Service should be one of you first stops upon arriving at an installation; its programs and services will be an important resource for you and your family.

Deployment Readiness — Assists you during all phases of the deployment cycle. We provide programs and services to individual soldiers, civilians, and family members throughout the deployment process. We educate you on what to expect and the best ways to prepare.

Relocation Readiness — Provides information, referral, resources and tools to help you with permanent change of station (PCS) moves and post-move orientations. We maintain a loan closet from which families may borrow basic household goods. We also assist you with in-transit emergencies by providing classes on move-related topics such as buying or selling homes and individual PCS planning, among others. We serve as liaison to citizenship, immigration, and multicultural diversity information, and provide outreach to waiting families.

Personal Financial Readiness — A program to assist you in sustaining financial self-sufficiency. You can learn more about debt liquidation, thrift savings plans, consumer and credit issues, and predatory lending.

Employment Readiness — The training and information provided can help you identify and reach your employment and career development goals, manage the challenges associated with a mobile lifestyle and develop job search skills. Assists you in acquiring skills, networks, and resources that will allow you to participate in the work force and to develop a career/work plan.

Family Life Education — Provides you with information and education about a variety of life cycle issues, including parenting and relationships, among others, to help you strengthen your relationships.

Information and Referral — An integral function of the family center, information and referral services can assist you in locating needed services and programs available on your installation, through civilian agencies in the local community, and connect to national resources.

Army Community Service may also provide other services, such as counseling, family advocacy, fitness and recreation programs and Exceptional Family Member support. Services vary by location.


Installation specific information

Survivor Outreach Services (SOS)

Mission — “Embrace and reassure Survivors that they are continually linked to the Army Family through a unified support program that enables them to remain an important part of the Army Family for as long as they desire.”

Program Objectives:

  • To provide enhanced services to Families of the Fallen.
  • To help Survivors cope with the loss of their loved one.
  • To improve responsiveness and streamline the assistance process for Families.
  • To ensure Survivors have access to all entitled benefits

Long-Term Care and Case Management

The SOS program usually engages Surviving Family members after the Casualty Assistance process has concluded. However, we can become involved during the process to assist with benefit selection, estate issues, financial questions pertaining gratuities, etc. Our goal is to become available as soon as the Surviving Family members need us and to provide continuous outreach for as long as they request it.


Support Coordinatorsare the main points of contact for surviving family members. Support Coordinator works closely with Casualty Assistance Center (CAC) to ensure a smooth transition for the Family after the Casualty Assistance process is completed. The Support Coordinator will ensure that continuous outreach is provided to the Family members as long as it is needed or wanted. Services provided for long term support include coordinating support groups, briefing the community and leadership, and providing life skills education and supportive counseling. Support Coordinator will provide information and referral services for Survivors, and respite care services as requested.

Financial Counselors are adjunct specialists in the program. They will partner with the Support Coordinators to provide financial planning support and education to surviving Family members. This support can be limited in scope or comprehensive depending on the needs and desires of the surviving Family members. Financial Counselors will provide financial planning services on an ongoing basis as long as requested.

Survivor Outreach Services is located in Army Community Service. For more information, please contact SOS at 855-707-2769 or visit the SOS website.


Army family action plan (AFAP)

(Conferences typically held in October- issues can be submitted year-round)

AFAP is a program for Soldiers, Families, civilian employees, and retirees to identify quality of life issues and propose recommendations for improvement of policies and programs which affect the well-being of the military community.

Annual Conference- Representatives of active and reserve Soldiers, Families, civilian employees, and retirees form workgroups to discuss submitted issues in a forum guided by skilled facilitators and recorders in an effort to identify and prioritize quality of life issues and formulate recommendations.

In the history of AFAP, 123 changes have been made to legislation, 172 policies and regulations have been revised, and 192 programs and services have been improved at the Department of the Army level.

Some of these issues include: Pay increases, Military Savings Plan, Youth Initiatives, TRICARE for Life, Chiropractic Care for Active Duty, Household Goods Weight Allowance Increase for Junior Enlisted and much more. This program has also improved the quality of life here at Ft Bliss: No ATM fee at the Welcome Center and the Scuds and Suds Carwash, School Liaison Officer, and much more.


  • Identify and prioritize Soldier and Family issues
  • Assist Army leadership in reshaping the Army
  • Improve our local community

You can submit issues anytime at the AFAP website or visit our office in Bldg 2494, Ricker Road, Ft Bliss, TX. You may also contact us at 915-568-2382.


Army family team building (AFTB)

Army Family Team Building is a series of training modules taught through your local Army Community Service or Family Program’s office that cover topics such as basic information about the Army, personal growth skills and leadership skills. AFTB improves personal and Family preparedness which enhances overall Army readiness and helps America’s Army adapt to a changing world.

Why Should I Attend AFTB?

AFTB helps you to not just cope with, but enjoy the military lifestyle. Many of the courses can be applied toward resume’ and career building, self-development and leadership skills. Active duty Soldiers can earn promotion points for participating in the training. AFTB provides the knowledge and self-confidence to take responsibility for yourself and your Family. The training is available to Soldiers, Family members of all Soldiers, civilians and volunteers.

What AFTB Class Should I Attend?

AFTB Level I Modules educate students about basic information about the Army — Learn about the Army life and how to maneuver through daily challenges by discovering how to decipher Army acronyms, utilize Community Resources, attain better financial readiness and understand the goal and impact of the Army mission on daily life.

AFTB Level II Modules educate students about personal growth skills — Grow personally through self-development modules. Learn how to improve your communication skills, personal relationships, and stress management skills. Discover how teams form and grow, how to solve problems and how to resolve personal conflict. Acquire knowledge on Army traditions, customs, courtesies and protocol.

AFTB Level III Modules educate students about leadership skills — Thrive in the Army and civilian life by expanding leadership skills, effective communication techniques and learning to mentor. Learn about the different leadership styles, how to run an effective meeting, how to manage group conflict and how to coach and mentor others.


Army volunteer corps (AVC)

The Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Corps supports the Army’s mission by promoting and strengthen volunteerism by uniting volunteer efforts, supporting professional management, enhancing volunteer career mobility, and establishing volunteer partnerships to support individual personal growth and life-long volunteer commitment.

The Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Corps office is the center for volunteer recruitment, referral, recognition, and professional development for volunteers and volunteer leaders. Volunteers can be placed in a wide variety of positions throughout the installation and within the El Paso community. Through volunteer service, volunteers can learn or improve skills and gain work experience that can increase self-confidence and improve marketability for paid positions.

Every minute, every hour that someone volunteers contributes to improving the quality of life of our community; therefore volunteers change the world. Join the movement to make our installation, our city, our nation a better place for all- Change the World, Volunteer!

Contact the Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Corps office for volunteer opportunities, volunteer recognition, or professional development classes at 915-568-1132.


Contact information

Tel: 915-569-4ACS(4227)

  • Fax: 915-568-4357, 915-568-3157
  • DSN: 312-978-1132, 312-978-7088
  • DSN Fax: 312-978-4357, 312-978-3157

Outreach – Outreach Program provides on-site and community based assistance and referrals as needed. The focus is to identify Families who are at increased risk or geographically or socially isolated; conduct a client assessment and provide identified outreach services to these Families through Garrison, City, State (to include New Mexico) and local service agencies as needed and to make proper referrals. Deliver services to areas needed for Soldiers, Family Members, Single Parents who are either: Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, DA Civilians, Retirees or Veterans. Partner with local schools and agencies (to include NM and TX State agencies) to ensure delivery of services to these individuals.

BOSP – Single Parent Liaison for Better Opportunities for Single Parents (B.O.S.P.) is a new program to Fort Bliss and Army wide. The programs focus is to identify Single Parents in the Fort Bliss footprint (Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, DA Civilians, Retirees and Veterans) and provide comprehensive assessment of situational needs to ensure Single Parents are linked to proper agencies for assistance. Provide liaison services between Single Parents and any concerned entity.

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