Fast Facts

Fast Facts


Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort is located in the southeast corner of South Carolina’s low-country, within Beaufort County. MCAS Beaufort is situated 65 miles south of Charleston and 50 miles north of Savannah, Georgia. The base covers 6,900 acres, of which 5,800 are located east of Highway 21 and include operational facilities. The remaining acres contain the Laurel Bay military family housing area four miles west of the Air Station main gate. Another 5,200 acres at the Townsend Bombing Range in McIntosh County, GA also belong to MCAS Beaufort. Welcome Aboard video website.

BRAC Status: MCAS Beaufort is scheduled to gain 12 personnel

Cost of Living: The cost of living in Beaufort is less than average for the US, but housing costs may be high for junior enlisted families.

Base Operator: 843-228-7100.

Area Population: Beaufort 12,361


Child care

The MCAS Beaufort’s Child Development Center (CDC) programs include: hourly care for 6 weeks of age to five years (up to 25 hours per week), part-day preschool for three & four year olds, full day care for thirteen months to five years old. The Family Child Care Program (FCC) provides home-based care for children ages six weeks to twelve years of age. Family Child Care number is 843-228-7279. All of MCAS’s programs for Children, Youth, & Teens (CYT) are inclusive; children with special needs are welcome. Call Child Care Resource and Referral, 843-228-7290/846-2270.



The Laurel Bay Schools are part of the larger consolidated school district SC/Ft. Stewart DoD DDESS. The three schools are attended by dependent children in grades PK-6 who reside on federal property in the vicinities of Beaufort.

Older students and those residing in the community attend schools in the Beaufort County School District. Call School Liaison Office, 843-228-6128.


Youth services

There are 2 Youth Centers available for use by personnel stationed at MCAS Beaufort:

  • MCRD Parris Island, located aboard Parris Island. Call 843-228-1536.
  • Laurel Bay, located in the Laurel Bay Housing area. Call 843-228-7640.


Marine & family services

Marine and Family Services, 843-228-7353/ (DSN) 312-335-7353. Housing: Tri-Command Military Housing, LLC, a private partnership between Actus Lend Lease and the DoN, is responsible for housing at MCAS Beaufort and the Laurel Bay housing area. In the Beaufort area the median house price is $165,200. Median rent in Beaufort County is $829.



The Career Resource Management Center (CRMC), also known as the Transition Assistance Office, 843-228-6670 / 843-228-3377 / (DSN) 312-335-6670, has a computer laboratory with job vacancy listings, federal application software, and word processing programs for writing resumes and cover letters. Unemployment in South Carolina is 7.40%. Median household income is $44,804.


Base services


  • MCCSFacilities
  • Commissary– 1, located on MCRD Parris Island
  • MCXmain stores and Marine Marts located at MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island. A Marine Mart is also aboard the Laurel Bay housing community.
  • MCAS Beaufort Federal Credit Union and other commercial banks serve the community.


Medical services

A Branch Medical Clinic (843-228-7051 / (DSN) 312-335-7051) located on MCAS Beaufort is for active duty service members. Co-located is the Branch Dental Clinic (843-228-7512 / (DSN) 312-335-7512) also or active duty personnel. The Beaufort Naval Hospital (843-228-5600 / (DSN) 312-335-5600) provides medical care for all active duty and retired members located in southeastern South Carolina and northeastern Georgia

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