How Does Your Listing Compare?

How Does Your Listing Compare?


When listing your rental property, it’s important that your property is positioned correctly as compared to other available properties in the area, taking into consideration location, type of unit, amenities, etc.  One of the benefits available to landlords and property managers using AHRN is the ability to view and compare other available listings within the area your property is located.  You can search for are review similar properties to see how yours compares in amenities and rent amount.  Here’s how to compare your property.


Create a new search using basic criteria matching your property.  We suggest simply selecting the following criteria:

  1. Click Search/New Search in the navigation menu
  2. Listing Type = Community Housing (Off-Base Rental)
  3. Number of Bedrooms = Select the number of bedrooms your unit has (i.e., 3 to 3)
  4. Optional: Save your Search by entering a name in the Save Search As field

This basic search criteria will return all available listings in your rental market area with the same bedroom count.  Once you have the summary list, you can click on the Rent column to sort the listings by the rent amount.  If you are in a market with many available rentals, you can add additional criteria to your search, such as number of bathrooms or dwelling type to further match your property.

Note:  If you upgrade to the Gold rental listing this comparison is automatically included in the Rent Smart comparison chart with your listing.  Just click on the bar graph to view similar listings.

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