Handouts and Factsheets are available in the waiting room of Building 113, 1st floor, Pershing Road. Advice will not be given over the phone due to not being able to ascertain your identity and eligibility for services. Unfortunately, we are not staffed or equipped to provide any “call-backs”. You can use our reference of with civilian attorneys that are in good standing.

General advice and assistance in the following areas:

Personal Civil Disputes: Real Property Issues:Contracts Purchase/Sale of Home, Leases Advice on Mortgage Foreclosure, Tenant’s Rights, Auto Warranties, Lemon Law

Economic Matters: Identity Theft, Insurance, Bankruptcy

Family Matters: Adoption, Name Change, Garnishment Orders, Involuntary Allotments, Dependent Support Insurance Claims, Child Custody, Separation/Divorce
Tax Assistance: Free Tax Return Preparation Electronic Filing, From late January – mid April yearly
Adverse Administrative Actions: OER/EER Appeals Civilian Criminal Matters (Advice Only), Rebuttals to Reports of Survey Soldier Readiness Processing, Appeals to Reports of Survey, Line of Duty Responses, Suspension of Security Clearance, Notarization of Documents (including power of attorney).

Limitations on Services: The office does not provide assistance in the following areas–Military Justice Matters, Private Business Activities of the Client, Litigation/Claims for or against the U.S. Employment Matters, Providing an Agency Position on any standard of conduct issue.

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