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STAND-TO! is a strategic communication instrument, with a mission focus of providing a broad, objective view of the Army and current Army operations, doctrine and programs.

STAND-TO! Today’s Focus topic is sent out daily as the Official Focus of the U.S. Army.

STAND-TO! plays a critical role in the U.S. Army Office of the Chief of Public Affairs’ strategic process to communicate Army relevant issues. Launched on Oct. 7, 2004, STAND-TO! has an ever-growing subscriber database comprising of general officers, senior executive civilians, and command sergeants major, retirees, veterans, and family members. Anyone can subscribe.

Information contained in STAND-TO! is unclassified and cleared for release. Sources include publicly- available, authoritative Army documents as well as input from the Army Staff and major Army commands.

One-page in length, it features a social media optimized focus topic, quote of the day, a calendar highlighting the Army commemorations and events for the month, news relating to the U.S. Army and a video player highlighting messages from the Army senior leaders.

What general officers are saying about STAND-TO!: “STAND-TO! is one of the best strategic communication tools the Army has ever put on the street. I am up to speed on general current information, plus conversant in the most relevant issues facing the Army.” “A masterful job of capturing the hot issues in town and around the Army.”

“This is the kind of strategic engagement effort that costs little, but pays big dividends.”

For more information, contact the Managing Editor at stand.to@us.army.mil

To subscribe, visit www.army.mil/standto, and select the “Subscribe Today” link.

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