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313th Army Band

The primary mission of the Band is to provide music to enhance unit cohesion and morale, to musically support military operations, and to promote patriotism and enhance awareness of the Army through public performances. The primary mission is also to promote the morale and esprit de corps of the troops through military ceremonies, formal concerts, and entertainment, and to provide regional support for recruiting and support community relations programs through parades and concerts. In contingency operations, the primary mission is expanded to include musical support for civil affairs and psychological operations. Army Bands no longer have a secondary mission.


208th Army Band

The 208th Army Band’s history began in 1956, when the band was activated as the 108th Division Band after a lateral transfer of personnel and equipment from the 94th Army National Guard Band of North Carolina. The newly formed band was attached to Division Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. In the early 1970’s, the band was assigned to the 508th Support Battalion. In 1982, the 108th Band was re-designated as the 808th Army Band. Then, in 1984, the band was re-designated once again as the 108th Division Band and was reassigned to Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 108th Division Training, and was designated a separate unit under the 108th Division Headquarters. In the spring of 2000, the band was deployed to El Salvador for 35 days as part of Operation New Horizons, Task Force Santa Fe, to provide musical support for morale and international community relations. Finally, in 2008, the band was re-designated as the 208th Army Band and assigned as a separate unit under the 81st Regional Support Command, and relocated to Concord, North Carolina.

The primary MISSION of the band is to promote the espirit de corps for our fighting forces and to serve as a goodwill ambassador throughout North and South Carolina. Whether it is a military function or a civilian performance, the 208th Army Band is prepared to provide concert music, military marches, a stage band or a jazz combo, or numerous small ensembles for musical support.


100th Army Band

With eight different ensembles, solo performers, and a high level of dedication and professionalism, the 100th meets for one weekend every month at the Glenn Miller Amphitheater, Fort Knox KY, to rehearse and perform. In recent years, performance requests have taken the band’s various ensembles across Kentucky and across the nation, into other states including Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Florida, South Carolina, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, and Hawaii.

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