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Alcohol and Drug Control

Alcohol and Drug Control

Alcohol and Drug Control


Drug Demand Reduction is a function of the 88th RSC’s Directorate of Human Resources.

The 88th RSC is responsible for providing Substance Abuse Assistance to its units and in support of its BASOPS mission.

The Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) is a command program that emphasizes readiness and personal responsibility.

The use of illicit drugs and the abuse of legal drugs or alcohol by either military or civilian personnel employed by the Army are inconsistent with Army values and the standards of performance, discipline, and readiness necessary to accomplish the Army’s mission.

The command mission role is the prevention, biochemical testing, early identification of problems, rehabilitation and administration of judicial actions as needed.

All Commanders and staff will ensure that all officials and supervisors support the ASAP mission and roles, IAW AR 600-85, Army Substance Abuse Program. The USAR urinalysis testing rate will be one hundred percent random testing of assigned strength.

Where to Get Help: Following resources can provide referrals to counseling and/or assistance programs which may help employees with drug or alcohol problems to find local treatment resources, including peer support and recovery groups.

  • 88th RSC Army Substance Abuse Program: 608-388-0457
  • 88th RSC Surgeons Office: 608-388-0545
  • 88th RSC Health Services Branch: 608-388-0436
  • 88th RSC Director of Psychological Health: 608-388-0338
  • VA Mental Health Clinics (Tomah, WI 608-372-1761/3971)
  • Fort McCoy Employee Assistance Program: 608-388-2441
  • Fort McCoy Military Family Life Consultants: 608-388-8068/3540
  • Military One Source: 1-800-342-9647

Points of Contact

88th RSC Alcohol and Drug Control Officer
Gary Talbot

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