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The 88th RSC coordinates Army Music support to the 19-State region with the command and control of six Army Bands located in seven different locations.

The Bands provide music throughout the full spectrum of military operations to instill in our Soldiers the will to fight and win, foster the support of our citizens, and promote our national interests at home and abroad.

Even before the U.S. Army was created in 1775, musicians were an integral part of the military. From the signal corps drummers in the Revolutionary War, to the full brass bands of WWII, music has been a critical part of the Army’s success.

88th RSC Army Bands, like all Army Bands, may perform at both military and civilian events which meet regulatory requirements.

Band Performance Requests:

To request performance by an Army Band or musician, begin by completing a DD Form 2536: Request for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events.

The information is required to evaluate the event for appropriateness and compliance with DoD policies and for coordination with the units involved.

Once completed submit the request to the link. Please contact one of the below POCs for any additional questions or assistance in fulfilling your request.

Point of Contact:

88th RSC Band Coordinator
SFC Kenneth Oglesby

204th Army Band
Vancouver, Wash.

451st Army Band
Fort Snelling, Minn.

312th Army Band
Lawrence, Kans.
785-843-1651 ext. 232

484th Army Band
Milwaukee, Wis.

85th Army Band
Arlington Heights, Ill.

338th Army Band (A2)
Livonia, Mich.

338th Army Band (A1)
Whitehall, Ohio


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