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The Army Reserve continues to honor veterans and their families who have served the Nation by ensuring their burial sites are maintained to standards befitting their status as national shrines.

The 88th RSC oversees the fulfillment of that commitment with the physical inspection of seven burial sites located throughout the northwest region.

Col. Kurt Wagner, 88th RSC Director of Public Works, leads the command’s cemetery inspection program and said we have a sacred obligation to maintain these sites.

“This country has always treated our graveyards as sacred ground,” said Wagner. “This is a part of our history-and after more than 200 years in some cases, we are still maintaining those Soldiers’ grave sites.”

Out of all the burial sites overseen by Department of the Army, some are located in private cemeteries which were used to re-inter those originally laid to rest in Army cemeteries.

To ensure the cemeteries kept in agreement, local Army Post commanders would visit and inspect the sites annually. Many of the posts no longer exist.

“As a regional support command, the 88th RSC is considered an installation command and our installation is all 19 states in our region,” said Wagner.

“So we are responsible for seven cemeteries to include three civilian re-interment sites which are located in Columbus, Denver and Detroit.”

“The Army has a responsibility for all of these Soldiers and to their families,” said Wagner.

“We conduct a physical inspection of these sites and make sure our Soldiers’ and their families’ graves are deservingly maintained,” said Wagner.

“Is the grass mowed, are the tombstones clean and unbroked, are they in alignment, is the site well maintained? If we find issues we bring them to the cemetery management and work with them until they are resolved.”

“The bottom line is we have a commitment to all those who have served our Nation,” said Wagner.

“We conduct these inspections and will continue to partner with our civilian cemeteries to ensure our burial sites are maintained and befitting of those resting in them,” said Wagner.

“Nothing less is acceptable by the American people – and nothig less is acceptable to us.”

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COL Kurt Wagner


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