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Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation


Energy and utility usage and costs have a major impact on the Army’s operational budget.

The Army Reserve’s Energy Program provides Soldiers and stakeholders with conservation ideas and education to achieve the Army’s Energy Goals.

Our vision is to be the Army Reserve’s leader in energy conservation supporting local initiatives and promoting energy awareness and education.

Various Federal laws and regulations have set requirements for the Department of Defense regarding Green Procurement, recycling, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and alternative fuel use. The facility is responsible for conserving valuable resources and preventing pollution through best management practices.

All of us can lend a hand through energy conservation and awareness. This will reduce the energy impact on our budget. This will result in more money available for Soldier training and readiness which is our real mission. 

Energy Saving Tips

  • Turn off lights when not in use. Interior fire lights will remain on at all times.
  • Use only minimal lighting necessary in hallways during duty hours.
  • Exterior lights are only turned on during hours of darkness.
Water conservation
  • Turn off water faucets when not immediately needed.
  • Ensure irrigation of grounds is done at night or early morning.
  • Report all water leaks or improperly functioning fixtures immediately to the aFOS.
Door discipline
  • Requires constant monitoring and on-thespot corrections by leadership.
  • Keep exterior doors, interior doors for foyers or leading to unheated and un-cooled rooms, and stairwell and fire doors, closed.
Electronic devices
  • Turn off when not in use and at the end of every business day.
  • Keep windows closed during winter heating season and keep shades open.
  • Windows may be opened in spring and fall when heating and cooling are not needed.
  • Keep windows and blinds closed during summer season to restrict daytime heat.
Freezers and refrigerators
  • Turn off or down settings when not used.
  • Consolidate items into one unit.
  • Do not operate personal refrigerators.
Indoor temperatures
  • Max 72°F when heating
  • Min 76°F when cooling.
  • Turn off heat, unless genuine need exists, when outdoor temperature is above 65°F.
  • Turn off AC when outdoor temperature drops below 78°F.
  • Do not heat above 50°F or air condition unoccupied rooms and buildings.
  • Space heaters and window AC units are prohibited unless authorized by Facility Commander and approved by 88th RSC.

Points of Contact

Engineering Support
Scott Naeseth

Energy Manager
Chris Jackson

Resources Efficiency
Gregg Herman

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