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Facility Protection

Facility Protection

The 88th RSC full fills a critical role in the physical security of Army Reserve Facilities within the command’s 19-state region.

There are six USARC Compliance Inspectors in the region who perform mandatory inspections of all USAR assets on an 18 month rotational basis with re-inspections of Not Adequate inspections occurring 6 months after an Initial inspection.

Inspections identify structural and procedural deficiencies. Procedural deficiencies are individual command responsibility, while structural deficiencies require a Customer Support System (CSS) ticket input by the Facility Coordinator.

Inspected commands can access their inspection reports via the new Physical Security Compliance Inspection Tool (PSICT) at https://opminspections.ar.ds.army.mil OFTS. To be able to see a report, commanders and command representatives must first access the site, so that their digital imprint is made.

Antiterrorism Program

The 88th RSC Antiterrorism program provides multiple services to units and Soldiers across the region.

Support includes threat, criticality and vulnerability assessments, as well as guidance for facility antiterrorism planning. Additionaly, the 88th RSC conducts comprehensive program reviews. All commands are required to conduct triennial AT Program Assessments and forward a completed copy to 88th RSC ATO

Personnel Security

The 88th RSC Personnel Security Office provides and array of support to Soldiers, Civilians and Family members.

These include guidance with obtaining and renewing security clearance, reinvestigations and fingerprints, traveling outside the United States.

They will also assist contractors in need of a CAC, access to a database, and unaccompanied access to Arms, Ammunition and Explosive.

Points of Contact

Director of Emergency Services
William Neal

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