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Health Services: LODs,MAR2s, INCAPs

Health Services: LODs,MAR2s, INCAPs

Health Services


The 88th RSC Health Services Branch provides relevant and responsive services for oversight and management of Line of Duty (LOD), Incapacitation Pay (INCAP), and MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2) actions in support of all Army Reserve Soldiers within the northwest region.

LOD: Line of Duty

A Line of Duty is the process that documents Soldier injury, illness, disease or death occurring during a duty status.

A LOD is essential for medical care for injuries and disease which are of lasting significance. LODs are required for incapacitation claims, Medical Evaluation Boards and follow-up medical care. LODs also protect Soldiers and the government.

The 88th RSC Health Services Branch is the final approving authority for formal LOD investigations and provides assistance in actioning pre-approved and informal LODs within the northwest region.

All LODs are required to be uploaded into the eMMPS system. All LODs would be initiated at the unit administrative level. Formal LODs require an investigation by an appointed Investigating Officer who is appointed by the Soldier’s MSC.

Required documents to initiate an LOD include a completed DA Form 2173; supporting medical documentation; and proof of duty status at time.

MAR2: MOS Administrative Retention Review

MOS Administrative Retention Review (previously MMRB) is designed to provide Commanders a tool to utilize with Soldiers in their commands who have permanent medical limitations that meet retention standards and require an administrative review to determine if the Soldier can perform his/her Primary Military Occupational Specialty or Area of Concentration (AOC) in a worldwide field environment.

The 88th RSC Health Services Branch is the Adjudication Authority for all MAR2 cases within the northwest region.

MAR2 packet documents include: DA FORM 4856; MAR2 process counseling; Soldier’s memorandum; Commander’s recommendation; and current SPRINT within 12 months (hearing only).

INCAP: Incapacitation Pay

Incapacitation Pay is a type of pay you can receive for compensation of lost wages due to injury, illness, or disease while on a duty status. (I.E. BA, AT, UDT). INCAP Pay is the compensation Soldiers receive for their injuries considered in LOD that require further medical care.

The 88th RSC has authority to approve up to six months of INCAP. USARC G-1 has authority to approve seven months to two years of INCAP. DoA is the approving authority for claim longer than 2 years. INCAP is a tier based system.

Tier I includes Soldiers who are unfit to perform military duties and eligible for full military pay and allowances. Soldiers in this category can not receive retirement points.

Tier II includes Soldiers who can perform military duty, but cannot perform their civilian job and can demonstrate a loss of civilian earned income. Soldiers in this category can receive retirement points.

Requirements to initiate an INCAP claim include: Initial LOD; DA 7574 Monthly Claim Form; DA7574-1 Military Physician’s Statement of Incapacitation; and DA7574-2 Incapacitation Pay Counseling.

Points of Contact

88th RSC Health Services Branch Chief
Daniel von Arx


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