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Advise the Commanding General on the overall welfare and state of discipline of the Command. Provide a continuous assessment of the Command‘s operational and administrative effectiveness.

Determine the discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training, and readiness of the Regional Support Command, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, and its subordinate and supported units.

Provide recommendations to the Commander in order to eliminate shortcomings and violations of standards.

Receive, review, and process complaints, requests for assistance, advice, information, or grievances from individuals assigned to the Command, and ensure appropriate action is taken.


All IGs have a duty to protect, to the maximum extent possible, the personal identity of a complainant, witness or any other individual providing information to the IG, particularly when the individual specifically requests confidentiality. Confidentiality and discretion are core concepts for IGs, though IGs do not have a complete legal privilege of confidentiality. Rather, IG confidentiality results from the IG’s special relationship with the commander, the deliberative process, protection in the FOIA and the PA, and as a necessary incident to the protections of 10 USC 1034. ~AR 20-1, para 1-12

Do you need assistance from the IG?

Who May File IG Complaints?

Assistance is the IG function that provides Soldiers, Family members, DA Civilians, retirees, and contract employees the ability to seek help from the IG on matters affecting their health, welfare, and personal readiness. However, anyone may submit a complaint, allegation, or request for information or assistance to any Army IG concerning a matter of Army interest. ~AR 20-1, para 6-1

IGs Do Not…

-Recommend punishment
-Interpret law
-Establish command policy
-Exercise directive authority
-Change established redress procedures
~AR 20-1, para 2-7

 Be Ready to be Asked…

1. What do you want the IG to do for you? This is the single most important question an IG will ask when receiving complaints. It helps to focus the complainant and ensures that the matters of concern are of Army interest and appropriate for the IG.
2. Do you have any supporting documents?
3. Have you requested assistance from any other source or agency?
4. Have you given your chain of command an opportunity to address the problem?
5. What is your status (active duty, reserve, DA civilian, retiree, etc)?

Before you contact IG…

1. IGs encourage the Soldier or civilian employee to discuss first with the chain of command any issues, allegations or requests for assistance with the commander, chain of command, or supervisor.
2. Contact your IG office or nearest IG staff for assistance or information.
3. Keep in mind that IGs only make recommendations, not order a resolution.
4. Be patient and don’t expect instant action on your request. Investigations take time and IGs tend to have heavy workloads.
5. Be mentally prepared for a final response that may not give you the answer wanted. The IG will however explain how and why the final answer was determined.

Points of Contact

88th RSC Inspector General
608-388-3733 or 1-877-560-3086 Ext 23733
Fax: 608-388-3512


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