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Non-Tactical Vehicles

Non-Tactical Vehicles


GSA Lease Vehicles Assigned to 88th RSC Facilities

The 88th RSC Directorate of Logistics provides base operations support by assigning non-tactical vehicles (NTV) to facilities within the northwest region.

Authorized use is defined as official government business like administrative facility support such as mail and DFAC transport services, transportation during battle assemblies for lodging-in- kind, casualty notification and assistance visits, official ceremonies, and military funerals. Each NTV has a monthly permissible operating distance of 1,200 miles and a one-way operating limit of 200 miles from the facility.

Unauthorized uses include personal use, transporting family or friends, going to a private residence, unit mission support such as annual, field, or range training events, and for unit equipment shortfalls. NTVs are also not allowed for off-road driving (only concrete, asphalt, or other improved surfaces are allowed).

Fuel cards will only be used for the assigned vehicle and will not be used for incorrect fuel type, fuel quantity more than tank volume, or purchase of personal items such as snacks, cigarettes, etc. Violations may result in the operator being held financially liable and criminal prosecution under Title 18, USC.

Damage and repairs will be assessed for liability based upon details obtained in a completed SF91 Vehicle Accident/Incident Report. Vehicle fines and tolls are the sole responsibility of operator.

The 88th RSC can withdraw, suspend, or terminate NTV assignment based on unauthorized use of vehicle or fuel card.

Vehicle Allocation: Vehicles funded by 88th RSC are facility assets, not unit or individual assets. The number of vehicles assigned is determined by facility population:

  • 50 FTS or 125 TPU = 1 NTV (Leased or owned)
  • Facility receives higher number comparing FTS or TPU
  • Maximum of 2 based on TPU population
  • GO headquarters at facility = 1 additional NTV

Points of Contact:

Transportation and Services Chief
Brian J. Mitchell

NTV/GSA Program Manager
Dustan Owens

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