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Official Mail Operations

Official Mail Operations


Facility Official Mail Operations is a function of the Directorate of Human Resources at the 88th RSC. The 88th RSC is responsible for postage expenditure for all facilitates within the 88th RCS Area of operations. Our main objective is to standardize and provide same baseline level of service for official mail through Stamps.com. The website explains the various training tools to assist you in learning how to meter your facility’s mail.

As a reminder, only appointed official mail personnel may meter mail. Each facility is allowed up to three personnel to have access to the Stamps.com system. This means in addition to the listed facility mail manager who sets up the system, you can authorize two other personnel to serve as alternates. The personnel must be full time Military or DoD civilian employees.

In addition, your facility received a package from Stamps.com containing a scale, a label printer and other items to assist you in the transition. You will produce the meter strip from your own computer. In addition to the label printer, you are able to print postage in a variety of methods such as directly on the envelope, on a sheet of paper, or onto standard Avery labels.

To request postage under the new system, the facility mail manager will send an e-mail to the Admin Services mailbox. Once the 88th RSC OMM transfers funds into the facility sub-account, you will receive an e-mail informing you the transaction is complete.

For all Official Mail/FedEx issues send an e-mail to the team e-mail address: usarmy.usarc.88-rsc.mbx.adminsvc@mail.mil

Official Mail Policies

The USPS will be used only when it is the least costly transportation method which will meet the required delivery date, security, accountability, and Private Express Statute requirements.

When mailed, official matter will move at the lowest postage rate that meets the required delivery date, security, and accountability requirements. Official matter becomes official mail when it is postmarked by a distribution center or is placed under USPS control, whichever occurs first. Official matter ceases to be official mail when control passes from USPS or its representatives to the OMDC of the addressee.

Tips for Cost Effective Mailing

  • When mailing six sheets or less of bond paper, use a letter size envelope.
  • Send correspondence by e-mail or fax whenever appropriate and possible.
  • Mail using the lowest postal rate legally possible that meets required delivery date and security requirements.
  • When mailing several items to the same address, it is less expensive to place all items in a single envelope than to use multiple envelopes.
  • Check with your OMDC for activities/agencies within the local area that are serviced by couriers-no postage required. If you need evidence that something was mailed or received-use Certificate of Mailing or Delivery Confirmation whenever possible.
  • Limit use of express mail to instances when absolutely necessary.
  • Determine if use of other commercial carriers is cheaper for shipments of items not under the Private Express Statutes.
  • Review recurring mailings for continued necessity.
  • Limit use of merchandise return, BRM, and special services such as registered, certified, and insured.
  • Use drop-shipments for zone rated mail when cost effective.
  • Ensure USPS “shape based” pricing is considered when packaging.
  • Use packaging provided free of charge by USPS whenever possible.
  • Use USPS Priority Flat Rate envelopes and boxes whenever cost effective.

For additional information and guidance, contact your OMM.

Point of Contact:

88th RSC Chief of Administrative Services Support Branch
Michael Claus
608-388- 0318

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