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Avedon USA, LLCTM was founded in 1978 and has evolved into a renowned quality construction and service company. The quality and track record of Avedon is built on a foundation of experience, business know-how, ethics and old fashion hard work. Since 1978 we have completed thousands of projects with a cross-section of commercial, residential, institutional, and government buildings. We provide emergency board up, structural shoring, gas line pressure test, tarping, and water line pressure testing for almost all major insurance companies and clients. We have one of the fastest emergency responses in the industry. Our vast experience enables us to trim cost through efficiency and ensure that our projects are delivered on or ahead of schedule.

“Zero Defects” is a performance standard. It is the standard of the craftsperson regardless of his or her assignment. It is not limited to the production efforts; in fact, some of the largest gains are obtained from service areas. The theme ZD (Zero Defects) is to do it right the first time.

Our services are designed to assist clients in documenting and justifying claim loss. Working closely with your claims adjuster in writing the scope of work to bring your life and property back to pre-loss condition. Avedon USA is a national brand in the making.

The theme ZD (Zero Defects) is to do it right the first time. That means we concentrate on preventing defects rather than just finding them and fixing them. We believe that most human error is caused by lack of attention rather than lack of knowledge, therefore we pledge ourselves to make a constant conscious effort to do our jobs right the first time, we will take a giant step toward eliminating the waste of rework, scrap and repair that increases cost.

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