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CMSAF provides mentorship to JBA Airmen

CMSAF provides mentorship to JBA Airmen

Story by SSgt Cary Smith on 01/11/2019

Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright and Gen. Larry Spencer (Ret.), former Air Force Vice Chief of Staff, spoke at an Airman for Life Mentorship Program event at the JBA Theater here on Jan. 11, 2019.
Airman of JBA and personnel from the National Capital Region had the opportunity to attend and hear Wright and Spencer offer insight about mentorship.
During his speech, Wright highlighted points involving leadership, work-life balance, motivation and how mentorship can help guide Airmen towards success.
“Leadership spans all generationsand intrusive leadership is a hands-on experience that we should all be practicing,” Wright said. “People are complex human beings and intrusive leadership provides the tools to understand how best to help others by being involved with their lives.”
On the subject of mentoring, Wright and Spencer mentioned the importance of knowledgeable, helpful leaders doing their part to groom newer Airmen in the force to set them on the right path to success.
The Air Force Mentoring Program is a set of guidelines and tools to help Air Force members develop leadership qualities and work towards obtaining professional and personal goals.
“I think everyone sometimes wants to quit and give upwhen things don’t go My way’. Fortunately, when those moments happened to me, I always had a great mentor and friends,” Wright said. “It’s important to have someone you can look up to, who can help provide support for you during hard times, and all you have to do is ask for help.”
During the event, attendees had the opportunity to have their questions answered by the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. The event was aired live so that those who could not attend would be able to view the mentorship event. Online viewers logged on and posted questions for Wright to answer.
In response to a question regarding work-life balance and open-door policies with leadership, Spencer stated that Airmen should have open discussions with their loved ones to overcome work challenges and that leadership should be open to criticism from those around them.
“Because you are in the leadership position, does not mean you know everything,” Spencer said. “Leaders need to get out there, walk around and talk with their Airmen, encourage them to come in if they need to.”
Before Wright left, he ended with a final thought to Airmen to live life and enjoy it, put the effort in everyday and keep sending in suggestions on how the Air Force can continue to be the greatest in the world.

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