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If you have not yet requested a sponsor, you must do so through your Local Military Personal Flight (MPF). The Andrews MPS will not assign a sponsor unless requested through MPF channels. If you are reporting to Joint Base Andrews or NAF Washington and do not have a sponsor, you will miss out on valuable information and assistance. The Washington DC region is a large and diverse area and can be both confusing and intimidating to newcomers.

Your sponsor is your personal link to both the Andrews local community and your new work section. Your sponsor is responsible for ensuring that you receive timely and factual information before you get here, are properly taken care of upon arrival end. If you have been assigned a sponsor who is not responding to your needs or who is not performing to your expectations, contact the Community Readiness Consultant (CRC)/Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) Manager at your current base, or the Andrews CRC/RAP Manager (301-981-7087 or DSN 312-858-7087) for assistance.

If you arrive at Andrews after normal duty hours, the Presidential Inn (lodging) office acts as the 24-hour Welcome Center. You can contact the Presidential Inn at DSN 312-858-4614 or 301-981-4614. Your sponsor should work with you to coordinate reserving lodging accommodations or setting up a room in the unaccompanied quarters for you.

Only members living in the dorms will be assigned a Post Office Box at the PSC. Those living off-base or in on-base housing units will use the General Delivery Address for Joint Base Andrews: Your name c/o General Delivery Box 5000, 1668 D Street, JB Andrews MD 20762-5000.

Those members not residing in dormitories will have general delivery service available until a permanent quarters address is established. Mail service may be continued for a reasonable period, not to exceed 90 days after residence is established. Postal employees state that mail should not be directed to the new address earlier than 30 days of arrival from overseas, and 15 days for a stateside-to-stateside move. Civilians may also establish a PSC box. Send a copy of your orders to your sponsor. They will need to go to the post office. The Postal Service Center telephone number is 301-981-2560/DSN 312-858-2560.

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